Welcome to the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program's faculty training and resources page. Below we have provided a centralized collection of contact information, training policies, and educational resources to support our faculty in their critical role as mentors to the next-generation of physician-scientist leaders.

Harvard Medical School (HMS) Resources

Clinical, Academic, & Faculty Affairs

Sara Kiarsis, Director, Office for Clinical and Academic Affairs
Phone: (617) 432-7543
Email: Sara_Kiarsis@hms.harvard.edu

Faculty Orientation
Initiatives, Programs, Centers and Institutes (IPCI)
Office for Faculty Affairs


HMS Policies

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Office for Diversity inclusion & Community Partnership
Task Force on Faculty Development and Diversity

Student Mentorship & Advising


Teaching & Learning

HMS IT Teaching and Learning Technologies
The Academy - Medical Education
Curriculum Fellows Program - Graduate Education

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Resources

Academic & Faculty Affairs

FAS Faculty Affairs
Nina Zipser, Dean for Faculty Affairs and Planning
Phone: (617) 496-2969
Email: nina_zipser@harvard.edu

Faculty Governance

Teaching & Learning

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Teach Remotely
HILT - Harvard Initiative for Learning & Teaching

Student Mentorship & Advising

The Advising Project
Center for Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research

Harvard University (HU) Resources

Faculty Development & Diversity

Professional Development
Teaching & Learning

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Resources

Faculty Concierge (MIT ID required)
Faculty Concierge Career Development Programs
Faculty Concierge Personal Benefits/Support Services
Faculty Governance
Faculty Rules & Regulations
MIT Institute Community & Equity Office