DMS Childcare Scholarship and other Resources for Harvard Student Parents

DMS Childcare Scholarship


Eligibility criteria*:

  • You must be a Division of Medical Sciences student.
  • Be a registered student in good academic standing.
  • Have a total household income of less than $100,000.
  • Have 1 or more children under the age of 16.
  • Have children who must:
    • Be your legal dependent verified by your tax return
    • Live with you in the United States.


What we require*:

  • Completed form.
  • W9
  • Prior years tax return for you and spouse/partner.
    • If your child is not listed on the tax return, please also submit a copy of their birth certificate.
  • International students must provide copies of I-20's and visas for both themselves & their child/children.



  • The scholarship will be distributed twice a year, half at the end of the fall semester (mailed in December) and half at the end of the spring semester (mailed in April).
  • Checks will be sent to your home address.
  • The scholarship is per family, not per child.
  • This scholarship is considered income and will need to be declared on your taxes. You will receive a 10-99 form from Harvard University.
  • Students are eligible to receive the award for a maximum of five years.
  • Those defending during the award year may not be eligible for the entire annual scholarship. Funding will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Those who will be having a child during the academic year are eligible to apply. Please list due date in date of birth field. Due date will determine eligibility for each semester’s scholarship. A copy of the birth certificate, once available, will be required.
  • Letters detailing scholarship award will be sent in November to your home address and a copy will also be sent to your advisor.


Submit application by email or postal mail to:
Jane Riccardi

Division of Medical Sciences
Harvard Medical School
260 Longwood Ave, TMEC 435
Boston, MA 02115

P: 617.432.0157


 *Subject to change


Other Resources for Student Parents


WATCH Portal

Connects parents and student caregivers within the Harvard community


Crimson Cares

This publication has information describing the different types of child care, pros and cons to each type of care, and flexible work arrangements (including a form called job responsibilities to fill out and go over with your supervisor). 


HMS has it's own work/life Liaison who is wonderful - if you need advice or assistance she is happy to help.  Please mail Nina Dickerman


Child Care Centers that are Harvard Affiliated (Cambridge and Longwood) 

The ChildCare@Harvard website has a lot of information regarding what to ask and what to look for when you are looking for childcare.  In addition there is a list of the Cambridge side affiliated centers.


Parents of Infant and Toddler Seminar Series 

The Harvard Longwood Campus offers free seminars on raising children and other work/life topics.  If you are on your maternity leave and want to come in and attend a seminar that is fine!  You can register on line.  Take a look at all the topics and mark your calendar. allows families to search for, vet, connect with, and ultimately select caregivers in a low-cost, reliable and easy way. The site helps parents identify babysitters, nannies, child care centers, family day care, camps, tutors, and special needs providers.

Childcare Scholarship Application and Deadline

The deadline for the scholarship application is October 28, 2020.



Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Please contact:


Jane Riccardi

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