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Offices of Career Services

Laura Stark, Director of Career Advising and Programming

Resources for academic and non-academic career paths. Regular workshops, seminars, and mock job interviews. Also offers counseling, alumni networks, and self-assessment tools. Hosts a job database.


GSAS Listserv for non-academic career opportunities

Office of Career Services email subscription service for non-academic jobs and training opportunities.


GSAS listserv for career opportunities in academia

Office of Career Services email subscription service for academic jobs and training opportunities.


Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering

Sponsors periodic workshops in professional development, as well as meet-the-faculty events. Past topics include: careers in venture capital and intellectual property, careers in scientific editing, careers in science policy, careers in biotech, academic vs nonacademic careers, public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and networking etiquette. Both female and male students are welcome.


Harvard Biotech Club

The GSAS Harvard Biotechnology Club is a non-profit, student organization that hosts events and provides services that allow members to explore the world of business and biotechnology. The Biotech Club's mission is to bridge the gap between industry and academia by building relationships with companies operating in the biotechnology and healthcare sphere.


Graduate Women in Science

The Boston chapter of a national organization dedicated to women in science. Sponsors regular events on professional development. Past topics include: how to land a position in a tough economy, effective scientific communication, scientific project management, team-building, negotiation, science policy, and scientific careers in industry. The overall focus of the group is on academic science, but attention is also paid to non-academic career options.


Biomedical Graduate Student Organization

Sponsors regular lunches with DMS alumni working in various careers like biotech or science journalism. Also sponsors regular lunches with HMS faculty.


Harvard Nanocourses

These 2-day courses have sometimes included topics relevant to professional skill building. Past topics include "Science Writing and Editing" and "Science Presentation as a Performing Art".


DMS Alumni Network

A database of DMS alumni who have consented to be listed on the website. The listing for each alumnus includes an email address and information on their current position.


Careers in Industry and Academia

A webinar produced by Science magazine (Science Careers). A roundtable discussion that will look at facts and fiction surrounding academic and industry career options for PhD-level scientists. Get some nuts and bolts advice on how to research career options, what questions to ask, and how to best prepare for various careers.


Career Trends: Building Relationships

This booklet can help you use communication skills, collaborating, informational interviews, and online social networking sites to guide you through your career. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


Career Trends: The Informed Job Search

A booklet of career advice on topics including choosing a career path, effective networking, getting the most from a career fair, marketing yourself to potential employers and acing your job interview. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


Career Trends: Careers Away from the Bench

A booklet focusing on careers that scientists can pursue outside of research and the skills you will need to develop in order to succeed in nonresearch careers. Examples include technology specialists, patent attorneys, and policy advisers. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


The Job Market

Features regular topical news stories on science careers, both academic and non-academic. Produced by Science magazine (Science Careers).


Career Trends: Developing your Skills

From Science magazine's ScienceCareers section. Strategies for building "soft skills" like networking, leadership, management, and administration.


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Career and Professional Development Navigator

The Career and Professional Development Navigator is a one-stop service center connecting Harvard bioscience master’s, doctoral and professional students with resources, events, news, and providers related to skills and professional development.  

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