For a detailed admissions timeline, including details on AMCAS's Choose Your Medical School Tool, please visit the Harvard Medical School Admissions' page "When to Apply." 

  • Submit AMCAS Application - Designate Harvard Medical School "Combined Medical Degree/Ph.D."
  • On AMCAS application, complete the two additional MD-PhD essay questions that appear once you click "Combined Medical Degree/Ph.D." AMCAS essay questions are standard for all MD-PhD Programs.
  • On the secondary application, select appropriate categories for curriculum choices at Harvard Medical School: Pathways and/or HST and "I am applying for the MD-PhD Program." There is no disincentive to applying to all three.
  • On the Harvard Medical School secondary application, you will be asked to complete several short questions that are pertinent to MD-PhD applicants only. These questions concern:
    • The PhD program type you're applying to (Basic Science or Social Science)
    • Your research interests
    • Your research supervisors who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf.
      • Note: All letters of recommendation should be sent directly to AMCAS. MD-PhD applicants are expected to have letters of recommendation from research mentors.
    • Your manuscripts (in preparation, under review, in press, and/or published)
    • Statement of purpose (social science applications only)
    • Writing sample (program dependent: please visit the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website and navigate to your PhD program(s) of interest. On the right side of the individual program homepage(s), see the list under the heading "How To Apply" and sub-heading "Special Requirements." This will provide information on whether the program to which you are applying requires a writing sample, CV, or other documents. Please follow departmental requirements for font type and size of writing sample.)