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The Culturally Competent Care Education Committee (CCCEC) at Harvard Medical School (HMS) created this on-line resource center to share resources and information on initiatives in cross cultural education and training at HMS, its affiliates and beyond.

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CCCEC Logo The CCCEC logo symbolizes the interface between two people with a dashed line. Each person is a "nucleus" of intersecting parts composed of ethnicity, gender, race, sexual identity, class, age, etc. Each is surrounded by concentric circles composed of family, communities and history—all of which impact the interaction between self and other.

CCCEC Web site was developed in conjunction with support from the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School (HMS). The Office for Diversity and Community Partnership was created to promote increased recruitment, retention and advancement of underrepresented minority faculty at HMS and to oversee all diversity activities involving HMS faculty, trainees, students and staff



PDF Icon Download Culturally Competent Care Education at Harvard Medical School: Background, History and Accomplishments —June 2006

Status Report

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