How is this different than an in-person or remote visit?

Completing a survey for Project Viva can be done on your own time and does not need to be scheduled like an in-person or remote visit. You also do not need to come into the office to complete a survey or have a scheduled meeting with Project Viva staff.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a survey?

Advantages of a survey: There are many advantages to collecting data through surveys for both participants and Project Viva. It is very convenient to complete a survey because you can do it on your own, at any time and any place. You may also pause taking the survey and come back to finish it with an access code. Surveys are also much faster than in-person or remote visits, but still allow us to collect important data at different timepoints.

Disadvantages of a survey: Surveys are less in depth and collect different types of information than in-person and remote visits. However, all information that we collect from these surveys is highly valuable and will very much contribute to our scientific endeavors. Project Viva staff will not accompany you when taking the survey, which means we cannot immediately answer any questions or issues that may arise as you take the survey. If you do have any questions, please contact Project Viva at any time! Call us at: 888-888-4742 ext. 44251 or email us at:

You make us better!

Many of you have given us feedback in the comments section of our surveys which is very helpful to Project Viva as we work to continuously improve the study. We want to assure you that everyone at Project Viva is listening to you and we greatly value all the thoughtful comments you send us. We encourage all of you to send us any feedback you may have at any time and we will take it into careful consideration and work to move forward in the best way we can. Thank you for helping us learn and grow!

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