Private Data

Congratulations! Your ability to access the private data section of the webpage suggests that your analysis plan has been approved by Co-Investigator board. A Project Viva staff member will provide you with a limited dataset for analytic use after you complete all required documents. Please consult the Project Viva Policies to identify next steps.

Private Project Viva data is restricted to individuals with approved analysis plans. Please do not share the username and/or password with other potential investigators who have expressed interest in using Viva data. All requests for private data should be directed to Viva Project Manager, Karen Switkowski.

Useful resources

  • Project Viva Policies
  • Full Project Viva Protocol
  • Data Management Protocol

  • *Note
    The data reflected on these pages is not updated in real time. For the most accurate values, please contact Viva Senior Analyst, Sheryl Rifas-Shiman.