News Articles Featuring Project Viva Findings!

  • Hypertension Jr.: Why Some Kids Face This Adult Health Problem

    Project Viva Investigator Dr. Wei Perng, shows that rapid weight gain during infancy or early childhood puts children at greater risk for developing hypertension (or pre-hypertension) in later childhood.
    US News and World Report, 15 December 2015

  • Childx speaker Matthew Gillman discusses obesity prevention

    Childx, 14 April 2015

  • NGOs using fear, not facts, in mercury in tuna debate

    Project Viva Investigator Dr. Emily Oken found that while mercury levels are dangerous, children of mothers who ate more fish during pregnancy had better cognitive outcomes.
    Seafood Source, 3 March 2015

  • Should Pregnant Women Eat More Tuna

    This article sites Project Viva investigator Dr. Emily Oken's 2015 study regarding the effects of mercury levels and maternal fish consumption during pregnancy on children's cognition. Dr. Oken has previously found that mothers who consumed fish during pregnancy had infants/toddlers with higher scores on cognitive testing, presumably due to the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. This article explores whether maternal mercury levels during pregnancy impact children’s cognition.
    New York Times Blog, 2 March 2015