News Articles Featuring Project Viva Findings!

  • Fish, Mercury & Nutrition: The Net Effect
    Concerns about mercury levels have led to reduced seafood consumption. The nutritional benefits of eating fish are often overlooked. Recently, experts, including Project Viva’s own Dr. Emily Oken, have learned that fish provides a package of nutrients that is ideal for pregnancy and breastfeeding. This video features Project Viva research as well as commentary by Dr. Emily Oken concerning the importance of fish for cognitive development.
    Prairie Public, 19 September 2011

  • Child obesity linked to formula, early start on solids
    Project Viva investigators have found that introducing formula-fed babies to solid foods too soon can put them at early risk for childhood obesity. These articles in USA Today and ABC News feature Project Viva findings from a study by Dr. Susanna Huh and Sheryl Rifas-Shiman.
    USA Today, 6 February 2011

  • Introducing Solid Food Too Soon Puts Babies at Risk for Early Obesity
    ABC News, 7 February 2011