Getting started using Project Viva data

What is Project Viva?

Project Viva is a ground breaking longitudinal research study of mother-child pairs. The goal of Project Viva is to find ways to improve the health of mothers and their children by looking at the effects of mother's diet as well as other factors during pregnancy and after birth on child health outcomes. For example, the information we collect enables us to investigate the effects of diet on child development and obesity, and how diet and the environment influence the development of asthma and allergies in children.

Between 1999 and 2002, 2,128 mothers delivered babies and were officially enrolled in our study. Today, over a decade and a half later, approximately 1,600 mother and child pairs are still involved in Project Viva. For more information about Project Viva and the Project Viva Cohort, please refer to the Project Viva Cohort Profile led by Principal Investigator Emily Oken. Project Viva also has a record on (record ID NCT02820402).

Can other investigators use our data?

Our rich data set makes for a unique opportunity for research. We are frequently contacted by those interested in using Project Viva data for their analysis. We welcome proposals by new investigators interested in using our data. Those interested in working with our data should begin by reviewing:

  1. Project Viva Policies
  2. Project Viva Protocol

The following resources will also be helpful in familiarizing investigators with our data.

  1. Domains Table
  2. Data collection forms