Why does Project Viva do annual surveys and what is the goal of these surveys? calendar survey

Project Viva does annual surveys to track the changes of our participants throughout the years. Annual surveys allow us to get up to date information as both participants’ lives and the current world events change over time. Project Viva is an ongoing longitudinal study which means we want to look at changes over a longer period of time. Please use the directory on the left to learn more about our current annual survey: Age 19 Questionnaire for Young Adults and Age 19 Questionnaire for Parents. Moving forward, our annual questionnaires will correspond to the calendar year. So be on the lookout our 2022 survey!

How can you complete a survey?

• Electronic: If we have your email address and you have agreed to be contacted through that method, when you are eligible, you will be sent a welcome email and survey link to complete your survey.

• Mailed paper survey: If you do not have an email or do not wish to be contacted through email, we will send you a mailed paper copy of the survey and consent form.

Contact Us

Study Hotline: 888-888-4742 ext., 44521
E-mail: Project_Viva@hphc.org