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Viva Views is Project Viva's very own newsletter that has been running since 2000! Viva Views is a great way to learn more about previous research, on-going visit components, and future initiatives. Linked below are all the renditions of Viva Views since Project Viva's Inception! You can click the header of each Viva Views to see the full newsletter.

Winter 2022

In this issue:
1. Mid-Teen Visit Wrap-Up
2. 2022 Annual Surveys
3. Women's Health Visit 1
4. Father's Contact Information
5. Featured Finding
6. ECHO Corner

Spring 2021 research assistant with face shield on

In this issue:
1. More Than Just 'Bare Bones': What a DEXA Scan Reveals About Your Bone Density and Body Composition
2. Let's Talk ECHO!
3. Exposure to Violence, Chronic Stress, Nasal DNA Methylation, and Atopic Asthma in Children

Winter 2020

In this issue:
1. Coming Soon: Young Adulthood and a Renewed Focus on Viva Moms…and Other Parents!
2. We Asked, You Shared, and We Listened!
3. Recent Project Viva Findings: You Don’t Want to “Sleep” on These!

laptop and phone

Summer 2020

In this issue:
1. Remote Visits: How You Can Make a Difference During This Time
2. The Truth Behind a Baby Tooth
3. Stepping Up How We Measure Sleep and Physical Activity: From Actigraph to Fitbit

Fall 2019

In this issue:
1. Meet Project Viva's Partner in Improving the Health of Children and Young Adults Across the Country: ECHO!
2. Food for Thought
3. Moving Forward with a Longitudinal Cohort Study, 18+ Years Later

Summer 2017

In this issue:
1. Mid-Teen Visit
2. Your Feedback
3. Viva Views in the News: Lack of sleep during the preschool years could increase risk of behavioral problems in later years.

Dr. Oken and Dr. Gillman

Summer 2016

In this issue:
1. Dr. Matt Gillman to Lead the Environmental Influence on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program
2. Dr. Emily Oken to take over leadership of Project Viva

Winter 2016

In this issue:
1. What's Next...
2. Your Involvement Throughout the Years!

Fall 2014

In this issue:
1. Updates on the Early-Teen Visit: Nasal Swabs, Questionnaires, and Blood Collection
2. Recent Findings: Should pregnant women actually eat more peanut, milk, and wheat?
3. Visit Spotlight: Measuring Nitric Oxide
4. Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Diane Gold
5. About Project Viva

location of viva participants

Winter 2013

In this issue:
1. Project Viva Early Teen Visits are Under Way!
2. Recent Findings: Infant Feeding and Childhood Cognition at Ages 3 and 7 Years: Effect of Breastfeeding Duration and Exclusivity
3. Recent Findings: Sex-Specific Associations of Gestational Glucose Tolerance With Childhood Body Composition
4. Location of Viva Participants
5. Investigator Spotlight: Dr. Mandy Belfort

Fall 2012

In this issue:
1. The Project Viva Early Teen Visit - Coming Soon to a Viva Kid Near You!
2. New to the Early Teen Visit

Spring 2011

In this issue:
1. Project Viva Across America
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. Researcher Spotlight: Sheryl Rifas-Shiman & Alec
4. Recent Findings: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Early-Life Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity
5. Recent Findings: Timing of Solid Food Introduction and Risk of Obesity in Preschool Aged Children

Winter 2009cartoon apple

In this issue:
1. Viva Kids Edition
2. Things to do in Winter
3. Study Tips For Success
4. Healthy Treats for Winter

Fall 2008

In this issue:
1. Project Viva's Influence on Policy and Health Programs
2. Project Viva is moving to online questionnaires!
3. Spotlight: Emily Oken, MD, MPH Co-Principal Investigator
4. Recent Findings: Infant growth and child development at age 3 years
5. Recent Findings: Nutrition and gestational diabetes

child performing spirometry

Winter 2008

In this issue:
1. Project Viva Transitions to Web-Based Questionnaires
2. Spirometry Component of the Age 7 Visit
3. Spotlight: Jayme and Victoria, Viva Mother and Daughter
4. Recent Findings: Predictors in change of physical activity during and after pregnancy
5. Recent Findings: Mother's sleep duration and weight retention after pregnancy

Spring 2007

In this issue:
1. Project Viva starts the Age 7 Visit
2. Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA)
3. Spotlight: Jane and Alison, Viva Mother and Daughter
4. Recent Findings: Maternal Intake of Vitamin D and risk of childhood wheezing
5. Recent Findings: The more weight a woman gains furing pregnancy, the heavier her 3-year-old is likely to be

Cognitive scores among 6 month old infants according to their mothers’ fish intake and hair mercury levels:

Summer 2006

In this issue:
1. Project Viva Funded for Four More Years
2. Fine-Tuning Fish Consumption
3. Spotlight: Tamaris Salerna, Phlebotomist and Research Assistant
4. Recent Findings: Maternal Smoking and Child Overweight and Blood Pressure
5. Recent Findings: Is Birth Weight Associated with Asthma-Related Symptons at Age 2?

Summer 2004

In this issue:
1. A Message From the Principal Investigator - Matthew W. Gillman, MD
2. Project Viva Articles
3. Things to do when the TV is off
4. Kindergartner - Friendly Recipes
5. Questions and Answers

weekday activity of 2-year-olds

Summer 2003

In this issue:
1. A Special Thanks to all our Viva Moms
2. Recent Findings From our Study
3. 93% of our Moms ith 2-Year-Old Toddlers Walk at Least 1 Hour Per Day.
4. Fun Activites Around Boston with your Preschooler
5. Play-date Protocol

Spring 2003

In this issue:
1. Thank You to All Our Viva Moms
2. A Message From The Principal Investigator - Matthew W. Gillman, MD
3. 3rd Year Visit Summary
4. Allergy Information
5. Taking Care of Yourself

When Viva Kids Were First Able To walk

Fall 2002

In this issue:
1. A Message From The Principal Investigator - Matthew W. Gillman, MD
2. Crib Safety
3. Viva Voices: Questions & Answers About Your Next Visit
4. How to Handle Tempertantrums

Summer 2002

In this issue:
1. A Message From The Principal Investigator
2. Facts About Asthma
3. Stats About Viva Moms and Their Babies
4. Project Viva: Progress and Promises
5. Flashabcks From the 6-Month Visit

Summer 2001

In this issue:
1. A Message From The Project Viva Investigators
2. Viva in The National News
3. The History of Project Viva
4. Meet The Project Viva Research Staff
5. The Science Behind Viva

Viva Moms born outside the country

Spring 2000

In this issue:
1. A Few Websites Our Viva Moms' Found Helpful
2. Questions and Answers
3. The Science Behind Viva