Age-19 Questionnaire

plantsGoal of Survey:

In the survey for Young Adults, many questions are similar to ones that you’ve answered for us in the past. We still ask about your sleep, eating habits, feelings and experiences, overall health, activities and behaviors, and environment. This is so that we can look at how our participants’ lives and health change over time. As you all continue to get older, Project Viva Investigators are interested in better understanding your health as young adults.


In the survey for Parents, some of the questions about your overall health are similar to questions that you’ve answered for us in the past. But as your Viva children have gotten older, our parent surveys are asking less questions about your Viva children (we’re asking your Viva children themselves!), and more about Viva parents’ individual experiences. Our Age 19 Questionnaire for Parents asks about your health, behaviors, habits, and environment. Project Viva Investigators are interested in looking at how these pieces of your daily life affect your overall health over time.

• Even if you have not participated with Viva in recent visit visits or questionnaires, or if you are a Viva Mom or Young Adult participating individually, your contributions are just as valued. Please join us in this important work!

• If you’re not comfortable answering some of the questions on these surveys, that’s okay! Any responses that you give are valuable to us, you don’t have to answer any question that you don’t want to answer.

• Your continued participation in this survey helps us to further our very important work in Project Viva, as well as our collaboration with the ECHO Program. Your participation is crucial to our mission to improve the health of children for generations to come. The answers that you and others provide to this survey will help us look at factors of maternal, child, and adolescent health, and how these factors affect cardiovascular health, asthma and allergies, and child/adolescent development. Thank you for your continued participation!


Young Adults and their Mom/Parent will receive the Age 19 Questionnaire for Young Adults and Age 19 Questionnaire for Parents at some point after the young adults turns 19 years old. Take a look at the Viva timeline to see where you are in Viva participation. If we have an email address on file for you, we will send the Questionnaire for Young Adults and Questionnaire for Parents via email. If we do not have an email address on file for you, we will mail the Questionnaires to you. Project Viva is no longer enrolling new participants. If you are an enrolled Project Viva participant and want to participate or if you have not received the Questionnaire for Young Adults or Questionnaire for Parents and think that you should have, please click below to email us about your interest!

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Survey Details:

•Incentives: As a thank you in advance, moms and young adults each receive a $5 Amazon eGift card when we send you the questionnaires. Once the questionnaire is completed, young adults will receive a $25 Amazon eGift card, and parents will receive a $15 Amazon eGift card, as an additional thank you. In addition, Viva young adults who complete this survey are automatically entered into a monthly raffle for an extra $50 Amazon eGift card!

•Return code: If you’re unable to complete your survey in one sitting, you can save your progress on the survey and come back to it later. Just make sure to click the “Save and Return” button at the end of the page and write down the provided return code. When you are ready to resume the questionnaire, click the survey link again, and enter the code to finish the survey where you left off.

• Contact Information: At the end of each survey, we’ll ask you to update your contact information. Especially as our Viva kids are becoming young adults and their own research participants separate from their Viva moms, and as Viva moms will be invited to participate in Women’s Health-focused research, it is important that we are able to contact each of our participants directly to share new participation opportunities and research findings.

•Comments: Many participants have written to us in the comments section at the end of these surveys – thank you! We encourage all of you to send us any feedback you may have at any time and we will take it into careful consideration and work to move forward in the best way we can. We are grateful for this thoughtful feedback, it helps us to learn, grow, and better understand our participants.

Survey Results:

• Coming soon! We will post some initial findings from our Age 19 Surveys for Young Adults and Parents here once the survey is closed!

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