A Study of Health for The Next Generation

Project Viva is a ground breaking longitudinal research study of women and children. The goal of Project Viva is to find ways to improve the health of mothers and their children by looking at the effects of mother's diet as well as other factors during pregnancy and after birth.

A New Era for Project Viva

Project Viva is now moving into a new chapter where we will work with mothers and young adults as separate study participants, instead of pairs. Watch the video below to see what’s coming up:

Ask Us Anything with Project Viva!

We gave Project Viva participants the opportunity to send in their questions about the study for our Principal Investigators, Dr. Emily Oken and Dr. Marie-France Hivert. Marleny Ortega, long-time Project Viva Phlebotomist and Sr. Project Coordinator, sat down with Dr. Oken and Dr. Hivert to discuss and respond to these questions. The following video is a recording of their conversation with a transcript linked below for your convenience and accessibility. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions about Project Viva, we hope you learned something new!

Please click here for a full written transcript of the video: Video Transcript

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