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Abraham, Jonathan

Molecular mechanisms of antiviral immunity

Allen, Todd

HIV Immunotherapies and Vaccine Development

Alter, Galit

The role of NK cells in tissues

Balazs, Alejandro

Engineering immunity to dissect host-pathogen interactions

Barouch, Dan

Immunopathogenesis of HIV-1 and the Development of HIV-1 Vaccine Strategies

Cepko, Constance

Molecular genetics of neural development and gene therapy to prevent blindness

Chen, Bing

Molecular mechanisms of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) viral entry

Chodosh, James

Biology and evolution of human adenoviruses.

Chung, Raymond

Persistence and Pathogenesis of Hepatitis C Virus Infection

Church, George

Reading, Editing and Testing Genomes

Cunningham, James

Chemistry and Biology of Pathogenic RNA Viruses

D'Andrea, Alan

Genomic instability and cancer susceptibility

D'Souza, Victoria

Molecular mechanisms underlying viral genomic RNA – host interactions

DeCaprio, James

Viruses and Cancer

Elledge, Stephen

Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity

Engelman, Alan

Retroviral DNA Integration

Gabuzda, Dana

HIV Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis

Gaiha, Gaurav

Development of novel T cell-based vaccines for viral infections that specifically target structurally constrained regions of viral proteins in order to counteract viral mutagenesis and emergence of escape variants

Gehrke, Lee

RNA Structure, RNA-protein Interactions, and Translation-level Gene Regulation in RNA Viruses

Gewurz, Benjamin

Genetic and proteomic analysis of Epstein-Barr virus replication, pathogenesis and cancer biology

Gopinath, Smita

Host-microbiome-immune interactions in the vaginal mucosa

Harrison, Stephen

Structure of Viruses, Viral Proteins, Receptors, Transcription Factors

Hochschild, Ann

Bacterial prions and mechanisms of bacterial transcription

Howley, Peter

Viral Pathogenic and Tranformation Mechanisms

Hur, Sun

Molecular mechanisms of self vs non-self discrimination by the innate immune system

Jeffrey, Kate

Epigenomic regulation of innate immunity

Kadoch, Cigall

Structure and Function of Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in Normal and Human Disease States

Kagan, Jonathan

Toll-like Receptors and Innate Immunity

Kaye, Kenneth

Molecular Biology of Kaposi’s Sarcoma-Associated Herpes Virus

Kirchhausen, Tomas

Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis

Knipe, David

Molecular Biology of Herpes Viruses

Kranzusch, Philip

Structure and biochemistry of innate immune signaling and virus-host interactions

Kuritzkes, Daniel

Antiretroviral Drug Resistance, and Drug Resistant Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Lee, Amy

mRNA translation regulation in differentiation and disease

Li, Jonathan

HIV and COVID-19 virology, persistence, and cure

Lieberman, Judy

Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes

Lingwood, Daniel

Pattern recognition by the B cell receptor

Livingston, David

Functional Analysis of Tumor Suppression Genes

Nibert, Max

Reovirus Structure, Assembly, and Particle Functions in Entry and RNA Synthesis

Rabkin, Samuel

HSV Vectors for Cancer Therapy

Roberts, Tom

Control of Gene Expression Tumorgenesis and Differentiation

Sabeti, Pardis

Detecting genetic signatures of adaption in humans and the microbial organisms.

Schmidt, Aaron

Using protein engineering, antibody evolution and small-molecule discovery to dissect host-pathogen interactions

Sharpe, Arlene

Regulation of T-cell Mediated Immune Response

Sodroski, Joseph

Pathogenesis of Human Retroviruses

Vandenberghe, Luk

Structure-function and molecular evolution of viruses, and vectors and applications of viral gene therapy

Walker, Bruce

Development of Mucosal Immunologic Functions

Zhuang, Xiaowei

Imaging Techniques to Study the Behavior of Individual Biological Molecules and Complexes in Vitro and in Live Cells


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Female: 14


Faculty Affiliation Locations:

Beth Israel Deaconess

Brigham and Women's

Children's Hospital

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Harvard Medical School

Harvard School of Public Health

Harvard University

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Massachusetts General Hospital

Ragon Institute


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