Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum includes five integrated courses that provide students with a broad, rigorous exposure to the state of the art in the speech and hearing sciences:


Acoustics, Production and Perception of Speech

SHBT 200 / HST.714

Biology of the Inner Ear

SHBT 201 / HST.721

Anatomy of Speech and Hearing

SHBT 203 / HST.718

Audition: Neural Mechanisms, Perception and Cognition

SHBT 205 / HST.723

Clinical Aspects of Speech and Hearing

SHBT 202 / HST.724


These five required courses are normally taken in the first year of study and must be taken by the fourth semester.

Three other subjects are required:


Conduct of Science
Speech and Hearing Laboratory Visits

Conduct of Science Refresher

MED-SCI 300qc

SHBT 301qc

MED-SCI 302qc


MedSci 300qc provides second-year students with training in the responsible conduct of research, with a focus on issues in the speech and hearing sciences. SHBT 301qc provides first-year students with broad exposure to research conducted by members of the program faculty. It meets once each week for an hour.

The detailed SHBT degree requirements are available here