SHBT Faculty

  Name Affiliations Research Interest Publications
Julie ArenbergArenberg, Julie, PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory neuroscience, cochlear implants and clinical/translational audiology Publications
M Christian BrownBrown, M Christian, PhD HMS, MEEI Neural pathways of auditory reflexes; auditory neural prostheses Publications
David CaplanCaplan, David MD, PhD HMS, MGH Neural basis of syntax; aphasia Publications
Peter A CarianiCariani, Peter A, PhD HMS, MEEI Music cognition and perception Publications
Zheng-Yi Chen Chen, Zheng-Yi, PhD HMS, MEEI Hair cell regeneration, inner ear development Publications
Jeffrey Tao Cheng Cheng, Jeffrey Tao, PhD HMS, MEEI Hearing and Deafness Publications
H Steven Colburn Colburn, H. Steven, PhD BME, BU Binaural hearing Publications
David Corey Corey, David P, PhD HMS, Neurobiology Sensory transduction by hair cells Publications
Bertrand Delgutte Delgutte, Bertrand, PhD HMS, MEEI Neural coding of sound Publications
Albert Edge Edge, Albert S, PhD HMS, MEEI Inner ear cell regeneration Publications
Ev Fedorenko Fedorenko, Evelina, PhD HMS/MGH Cognitive neuroscience of the language system Publications
Michale Fee Fee, Michale S, PhD BCS, MIT Neuroscience of vocal sequence generation and learning Publications
Ramon FrancoFranco, Ramon A, MD HMS, MEEI Laryngology, head and neck surgery Publications
Dennis FreemanFreeman, Dennis M, PhD EECS, MIT Cochlear physiology and mechanics Publications
Barbara FullertonFullerton, Barbara C, PhD HMS, MEEI Neuroanatomy of auditory pathway and auditory cortex Publications
Nadine Gaab Gaab, Nadine, PhD HMS, BCH Developmental cognitive neuroscience Publications
John Gabrieli Gabrieli, John, PhD BCS, MIT Cognitive and affective neuroscience Publications
Gwenaëlle Géléoc Géléoc, Gwenaëlle, PhD HMS, BCH Functional development of hair cells Publications
Satrajit GhoshGhosh, Satrajit S, PhD HMS, MIT Clinical applications of neuroimaging and speech motor control Publications
Anne Giersch Giersch, Anne, PhD HMS, BWH Gene expression in the mammalian inner ear Publications
James GlassGlass, James R, PhD CSAIL, MIT Speech and language processing Publications
Lisa Goodrich Goodrich, Lisa, PhD Neurobiology, HMS Inner ear development and circuit assembly Publications
David Gow Gow, David W, PhD HMS, MGH Spoken word recognition; Effective connectivity analyses of MEG/EEG data Publications
Jordan Green Green, Jordan, PhD MGH-IHP Biological aspects of speech production Publications
Frank Guenther Guenther, Frank, PhD CNS, BU Speech neuroscience Publications
John Guinan Guinan, John J. Jr., PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory neurophysiology and mechanics Publications
James Heaton Heaton, James T, PhD HMS, MGH Neural mechanisms of vocal learning and production Publications
Takao Hensch Hensch, Takao, PhD HMS, BCH Mechanisms of brain development Publications
Robert Hillman Hillman, Robert E, PhD HMS, MGH Voice and speech disorders Publications
Jeffrey HoltHolt, Jeffrey R, PhD HMS, BCH Ion channel function in auditory and vestibular hair cells Publications
Alex Johnson Indzhykulian, Artur A, Ph.D. HMS, MEEI Hair cell mechanotransduction, stereocilia bundle morphology and ultrastructure Publications
Alex Johnson Johnson, Alex F, PhD MGH-IHP Neurologic communication disorders; speech-language pathology Publications
David H. Jung Jung, David, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Regeneration of cochlear synapses Publications
Karmali, Faisal, PhD HMS, MEEI   Publications
James KoblerKidd, Gerald, PhD SLHS, BU Psychoacoustics; speech intelligibility Publications
James KoblerKobler, James B, PhD HMS, MGH Voice production; laryngology; imaging Publications
Karl Koehler

Koehler, Karl, PhD

HMS, BCH Development and regeneration of the inner ear Publications
Sharon KujawaKujawa, Sharon G, PhD HMS, MEEI Susceptibility to and neurodegenerative consequences of cochlear insult Publications
Daniel LeeLee, Daniel J, MD HMS, MEEI Pediatric otology, auditory prostheses Publications
Richard LewisLewis, Richard F, MD HMS, MEEI Vestibular system Publications
M Charles LibermanLiberman, M Charles, PhD HMS, MEEI Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the peripheral auditory system Publications
Stéphane F MaisonMaison, Stéphane F, PhD HMS, MEEI Feedback control of the auditory periphery Publications
Josh McDermott McDermott, Josh, PhD BCS, MIT Computational audition Publications
Sean MegasonMegason, Sean, PhD HMS, Systems Biology Embryologic development of the inner ear Publications
Daryush MehtaMehta, Daryush D, PhD HMS, MGH, MGH-IHP Voice science and technology; speech signal processing; clinical voice assessment, acoustics, imaging Publications
Maria Mody Mody, Maria, PhD HMS, MGH Neurobiological bases of language development and disorders in children Publications
Cynthia MortonMorton, Cynthia C, PhD HMS, BWH Cloning genes involved in hearing Publications
Joseph NadolNadol, Joseph B, MD HMS, MEEI Histopathology of the cochlea and temporal bone; cochlear implants Publications
Hideko NakajimaNakajima, Hideko H, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Human middle and inner ear mechanisms; middle-ear prosthesis; conductive hearing loss Publications
Tyler PerrachionePerrachione, Tyler, PhD SLHS, BU Cognitive Neuroscience, Dyslexia, Speech Perception, Language, Voice Recognition Publications
Dan PolleyPolley, Daniel B, PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory cortex development and plasticity; auditory neurorehabilitation Publications
Sunil PuriaPuria, Sunil, PhD HMS, MEEI Biomechanics of the middle ear and cochlea Publications
Thomas QuatieriQuatieri, Thomas F, PhD LL, MIT Biologically-inspired signal processing; speech production and auditory processing models Publications
Steven RauchRauch, Steven D, MD HMS, MEEI Hearing and balance disorders Publications
Charlotte ReedReed, Charlotte M, PhD RLE, MIT Aids for the deaf; auditory and tactile perception Publications
Bruce RosenRosen, Bruce R, MD, PhD MGH, HMS Physiological and functional MRI Publications
John Rosowski Rosowski, John J, PhD HMS, MEEI Middle and external ear function, pathology and treatments Publications
Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel Shattuck-Hufnagel, Stefanie, PhD RLE, MIT Speech production planning, speech perception and speech development Publications
Jun Shen Shen, Jun, PhD HMS, BWH Clinical genetic diagnosis and gene discovery for hearing loss Publications
Kristina Simonyan Simonyan, Kristina, MD, PhD, Dr med HMS, MEEI, MGH Neurobiology of Speech Motor Control Publications
Konstantina Stankovic Stankovic, Konstantina, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Degeneration and regeneration of the auditory nerve; biomarkers of sensorineural hearing loss Publications
Anne TakesianTakesian, Anne, PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory cortex circuitry and plasticity Publications
Sofia Vallila RohterVallila Rohter, Sofia, PhD, CCC-SLP HMS, MGH Aphasia rehabilitation, category learning, feedback processing, clinical implementation and practice-based evidence Publications
D Bradley WellingWelling, D. Bradley, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Hearing loss, vestibular schwannoma Publications
Rachel WilsonWilson, Rachel, PhD HMS Sensory processing and sensorimotor integration Publications




BCH - Boston Children’s Hospital
BIDMS - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
BU - Boston University
BWH - Brigham and Women’s Hospital
HMS - Harvard Medical School
LL - Lincoln Laboratories
MEEI - Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary
MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital
MGH-IHP - MGH Institute of Health Professions
NEU - Northeastern University
SEAS - School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
SLHS - Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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