SHBT Faculty - Alphabetical Listing


Name Affiliations Research Interest Publications
Braida, Louis D, PhD EECS, MIT Auditory psychophysics Publications
Brown, M Christian, PhD HMS, MEEI Neural pathways of auditory reflexes; auditory neural prostheses Publications
Caplan, David MD, PhD HMS, MGH Neural basis of syntax; aphasia Publications
Cariani, Peter A, PhD HMS, MEEI Music cognition and perception Publications
Chen, Zheng-Yi PhD HMS, MEEI Hair cell regeneration, inner ear development Publications
Colburn, H. Steven PhD BME, BU Binaural hearing Publications
Corey, David P PhD HMS, Neurobiology Sensory transduction by hair cells Publications
Delgutte, Bertrand PhD HMS, MEEI Neural coding of sound Publications
Edge, Albert S PhD HMS, MEEI Inner ear cell regeneration Publications
Fedorenko, Evelina PhD BCS, MIT Cognitive neuroscience of the language system Publications
Fee, Michale S PhD BCS, MIT Neuroscience of vocal sequence generation and learning Publications
Franco, Ramon A, MD HMS, MEEI Laryngology, head and neck surgery Publications
Freeman, Dennis M, PhD EECS, MIT Cochlear physiology and mechanics Publications
Fullerton, Barbara C, PhD HMS, MEEI Neuroanatomy of auditory pathway and auditory cortex Publications
Gaab, Nadine PhD HMS, BCH Developmental cognitive neuroscience Publications
Gabrieli, John PhD BCS, MIT Cognitive and affective neuroscience Publications
Géléoc, Gwenaëlle PhD HMS, BCH Functional development of hair cells Publications
Ghosh, Satrajit S, PhD HMS, MIT Clinical applications of neuroimaging and speech motor control Publications
Giersch, Anne PhD HMS, BWH Gene expression in the mammalian inner ear Publications
Glass, James R, PhD CSAIL, MIT Speech and language processing Publications
Goodrich, Lisa PhD Neurobiology, HMS Inner ear development and circuit assembly Publications
Gow, David W PhD HMS, MGH Spoken word recognition; Effective connectivity analyses of MEG/EEG data Publications
Green, Jordan PhD MGH-IHP Biological aspects of speech production Publications
Guenther, Frank PhD CNS, BU Speech neuroscience Publications
Guinan, John J. Jr. PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory neurophysiology and mechanics Publications
Hancock, Kenneth E, PhD HMS, MEEI Central auditory neurophysiology, cochlear implants Publications
Heaton, James T PhD HMS, MGH Neural mechanisms of vocal learning and production Publications
Hensch, Takao PhD HMS, BCH Mechanisms of brain development Publications
Hillman, Robert E PhD HMS, MGH Voice and speech disorders Publications
Holt, Jeffrey R, PhD HMS, BCH Ion channel function in auditory and vestibular hair cells Publications
Johnson, Alex F PhD MGH-IHP Neurologic communication disorders; speech-language pathology Publications
Kobler, James B, PhD HMS, MGH Voice production; laryngology; imaging Publications
Kujawa, Sharon G, PhD HMS, MEEI Susceptibility to and neurodegenerative consequences of cochlear insult Publications
Lee, Daniel J, MD HMS, MEEI Pediatric otology, auditory prostheses Publications
Lewis, Richard F, MD HMS, MEEI Vestibular system Publications
Liberman, M Charles, PhD HMS, MEEI Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the peripheral auditory system Publications
Maison, Stéphane F, PhD HMS, MEEI Feedback control of the auditory periphery Publications
McDermott, Josh PhD BCS, MIT Computational audition Publications
McKenna, Michael J, MD HMS, MEEI Otosclerosis Publications
Megason, Sean, PhD HMS, Systems Biology Embryologic development of the inner ear Publications
Mehta, Daryush D, PhD HMS, MGH, MGH-IHP Voice science and technology; speech signal processing; clinical voice assessment, acoustics, imaging Publications
Merfeld, Daniel M, PhD HMS, MEEI Vestibular neuroscience; vestibular implants Publications
Mody, Maria PhD HMS, MGH Neurobiological bases of language development and disorders in children Publications
Morton, Cynthia C, PhD HMS, BWH Cloning genes involved in hearing Publications
Nadol, Joseph B, MD HMS, MEEI Histopathology of the cochlea and temporal bone; cochlear implants Publications
Nakajima, Hideko H, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Human middle and inner ear mechanisms; middle-ear prosthesis; conductive hearing loss Publications
Patel, Rupal PhD NEU Speech prosody, human computer interaction with speech based technologies Publications
Polley, Daniel B, PhD HMS, MEEI Auditory cortex development and plasticity; auditory neurorehabilitation Publications
Puria, Sunil, PhD HMS, MEEI Biomechanics of the middle ear and cochlea Publications
Quatieri, Thomas F, PhD LL, MIT Biologically-inspired signal processing; speech production and auditory processing models Publications
Rauch, Steven D, MD HMS, MEEI Hearing and balance disorders Publications
Reed, Charlotte M, PhD RLE, MIT Aids for the deaf; auditory and tactile perception Publications
Rosen, Bruce R, MD, PhD MGH, HMS Physiological and functional MRI Publications
Rosowski, John J PhD HMS, MEEI Middle and external ear function, pathology and treatments Publications
Schlaug, Gottfried, MD, PhD HMS, BIDMC Auditory-motor interactions; speech and music Publications
Sewell, William F, PhD HMS, MEEI Neurotransmitters and synaptic transmission in the cochlea; inner ear drug delivery Publications
Shattuck-Hufnagel, Stefanie PhD RLE, MIT Speech production planning, speech perception and speech development Publications
Shen, Jun PhD HMS, BWH Clinical genetic diagnosis and gene discovery for hearing loss Publications
Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara, PhD BME, BU Auditory attention, psychoacoustics, neuroelectric imaging Publications
Stankovic, Konstantina MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Degeneration and regeneration of the auditory nerve; biomarkers of sensorineural hearing loss Publications
Welling, D. Bradley, MD, PhD HMS, MEEI Hearing loss, vestibular schwannoma Publications
Wilson, Rachel, PhD HMS Sensory processing and sensorimotor integration Publications




BCH - Boston Children’s Hospital
BIDMS - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
BU - Boston University
BWH - Brigham and Women’s Hospital
HMS - Harvard Medical School

LL - Lincoln Laboratories
MEEI - Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary
MGH - Massachusetts General Hospital
MGH-IHP - MGH Institute of Health Professions
NEU - Northeastern University
SEAS - School of Engineering & Applied Sciences