Elective courses offered by SHBT faculty include:


Courses taught at Harvard and hospitals:


Molecular Biology of the Auditory System

SHBT 206 / HST.730


Courses taught at MIT:


Sensory-Neural Systems: Spatial Orientation


Signal Processing by the Auditory System: Perception


Music Perception and Cognition


Automatic Speech Recognition

HST.728 / 6.345



Other elective courses taken by SHBT students during the last five years:


Neuroscience courses (Harvard):

Neurobiology (NEUROBIO 200)

Neurophysiology of Central Circuits (NEUROBIO 204)

Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology (NEUROBIO 211)

Neurobiology of Disease (NEUROBIO 209)

Biochemistry and Biology of Neurodegenerative Diseases (NEUROBIO 305qc)

Neurobiology of Motor Control (OEB 105)

Neurobiology of Perception and Cognition (MCB 145)


Brain and cognitive sciences courses (MIT):

Systems Neuroscience (9.011)

Cognitive Science (9.012)

Statistics for Neuroscience Research (9.073)

Perceptual Systems (9.35)

Computational Cognitive Science (9.660)

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (HST.583)


Biology courses (Harvard):

Human Genetics (GENETIC 202)

Molecular Biology and Genetics (GENETIC 220)

Translational Pharmacology (BCMP 301qc)

Concepts in Development, Self-renewal, and Repair (CELLBIO 226)

Advanced Experimental Design for Biologists (CELLBIO 302qc)

Principles of Animal Development from a Systems Perspective (SYSBIO 201)

Social Issues in Biology (MICROBI 213)


Engineering courses (MIT):

Signals and Systems (6.003)

Discrete-time Signal Processing (6.341)

Applied Probability (6.431A, 6.431B)

Synthesis of Polymers (10.569)

Introduction to Machine Learning (6.036)

Design of Medical Devices and Implants (20.451)

Quantitative Physiology: Organ Transport Systems (20.471)

Future Medicine: Drug Delivery, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics (HST.526)


Engineering courses (Harvard):

Physiological Systems Analysis (BE 110)

Drug Delivery (ENG-SCI 221)

Bioelectromagnetics (ENG-SCI 253)

Introduction to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (ENG-SCI 276)



All course offerings at Harvard and MIT:

Harvard Course Catalog
MIT Course Catalog