Paths in DMS Program

Many of our students are now pursuing diverse tracks including biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, patent law, business/consulting and public service.To support our students’ aspirations, we have established an enrichment program, termed “Paths in DMS”. The basic idea is that students with a common interest will come together in groups to participate in a variety of activities that will serve to prepare and position them for careers in these paths. The initial six paths which are currently being established are: Biotech/Pharmaceutical, Consulting/Business, Patent Law, Science Writing & Publishing, Education & Public Outreach, and Government & Public Sector. The Paths are student-directed and each path will have associated with it a student group or club, a web page, representation from the Office of Career Services, a faculty advisor, alumni as well as other external mentors, networking events, and the opportunity for internships. 


Of course this is just a sketch of what a path would look like. From our experience with organizations like BGSO, Science in the News, the DMS Bulletin and the Biotechnology Club, we’ve quickly learned that the best ideas come from students and the key to success is to provide the support and freedom for DMS students to unleash their creativity and enthusiasm (and then get out of their way!). We’ve already discussed PIDS with current student groups, your Program Heads and the academic leadership at HMS and GSAS. Everyone is enthusiastically supportive.


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