Visiting Fellows Program


The Division of Medical Sciences (DMS) Visiting Fellows Program is intended for students enrolled in research doctoral programs at universities outside of the United States who plan to conduct research in laboratories at Harvard Medical School (HMS). These students are eligible to apply to be Visiting Fellows, a non-degree student status in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) at Harvard University.


Faculty Advising

The Visiting Fellow must have made arrangements with a Faculty Advisor to conduct laboratory research. In addition, each prospective fellow must identify a Secondary Faculty Advisor. The Faculty Advisor can help in identifying this individual. Typically the Secondary Faculty Advisor is a member of the same department and not someone who reports to the Faculty Advisor. The Secondary Faculty Advisor will serve as a mentor to the student and will be available for discussions about research and personal issues related to working at Harvard Medical School. The Secondary Faculty Advisor is not responsible for the financial support of the Visiting Fellow. This arrangement is to ensure that each student has at least two faculty members with whom he/she can learn and consider important matters that arise in the course of research during this time in Boston. The student, advisor, and secondary advisor should agree upon and arrange a plan to review research and educational objectives.


Financial Support

DMS Visiting Fellows will receive a stipend at the level comparable to graduate students at HMS. Confirmation of this is required to ensure that they will have sufficient financial resources for living expenses while here. Faculty Advisors are required to provide this support or provide proof that the student will be supported by their home institution, or an individual fellowship. F-1 (student) visa applicants are required to be enrolled as full-time students. The Visiting Fellows program in GSAS requires payment each semester of tuition at the reduced level and fees for student health services and insurance.


Application Procedures

Visiting Fellows applications are available for Fall or Spring semester start dates. Applications for the Fall Semester anticipate a September 1st arrival. Applications for the Spring Semester anticipate a February 1st arrival. Visiting Fellows must enter the U.S. in F-1 visa status in order to begin their program.


Completed applications include:

  • Visiting Fellow online Application
  • Student Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of Enrollment in a Doctoral Research Program (official transcript from home institution)
  • Assurance of Academic and Financial Support (available from the DMS Office)


Completed applications should be delivered to:

Visiting Fellows Office
Division of Medical Sciences
260 Longwood Avenue, T-MEC 432
Boston, MA 02115

Upon DMS approval, applications are forwarded to GSAS Special Student Office for I-20 and then to International Office for Visa processing. Upon arrival, students are required to check in at International Office prior to registration.




Application Deadlines are strictly enforced.

For Fall Semester (September 1 start)
Applications must be received by DMS no later than: March 1

For Spring Semester (February 1 start)
Applications must be received by DMS no later than: October 1

Contacts and Links


Alexander Kent

GSAS (Special Student Registration, I-20 application status...)      
Telephone: 617-495-7520


DMS (Financial Info/Arrangements)

Telephone: 617-432-0276

Jessica Heffernan

International Office (all Visa issues)    
Telephone: 617-495-9227



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