PiN Faculty Member - Rachelle Gaudet, PhD

Rachelle Gaudet, PhD

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Harvard University
Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology
52 Oxford St., NW Bldg. 311.13
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-495-5616
Fax: 617-496-9684
Visit my lab page here.

My lab is broadly interested in the mechanisms of signaling and transport across cellular membranes. Our research encompasses several protein families: Nramp transporters that use a proton gradient to facilitate the entry of divalent ions (iron and manganese in particular) into cells; non-classical cadherins involved in cellular adhesion and signaling; ABC transporters that use ATP to fuel substrate transport; and TRP channels important to sensing temperature and painful stimuli. We use a variety of cell-based and in vitro biochemical assays, x-ray crystallography, and computational techniques (molecular dynamics simulations and bioinformatics analyses) to discover how these important proteins function in cells.

Last Update: 9/16/2020


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