PiN Faculty Member - Justin Baker, MD, PhD

Justin Baker, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

McLean Hospital
115 Mill Street
Belmont, MA 02478
Tel: 617-855-3913
Visit my lab page here.

The Baker Lab at McLean Hospital uses both large-scale studies and "deep-phenotyping" approaches to understand the nature and underlying biology of mental illnesses, particularly lifelong conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in humans. Deep phenotyping describes the intensive, longitudinal assessment of individuals (i.e., humans and other animals), using continuous objective measures of behavior and brain structure/function to reveal multivariate trajectories that can inform brain-behavior relationships. We develop and apply unobtrusive methods for data acquisition in naturalistic settings, employing computational methods such as computer vision and machine learning, to make sense of those signals and gain a predictive foothold into behavioral pathology at the level of single individuals. The goal of this work is to develop more effective strategies to both monitor and treat severe mental illness, as well as advance basic understanding of disease pathophysiology.

Last Update: 9/16/2020


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