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Agudo, Judith

Immune surveillance of tissue-resident stem cells and cancer stem cells

Alper, Chester

The Human Major Histocompatibility Complex, Immune Function, and Disease

Alt, Frederick

B Cell Development, V(D)J/Class Switch Recombination and Antibody Responses and Affinity Maturation

Alter, Galit

The role of NK cells in tissues

Anderson, Ana

Molecular determinants of T cell phenotypes in cancer

Anderson, Paul

Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

Anthony, Robert

Antibody Biology and Engineering

Aster, Jon

The Role of Notch Signaling in Lymphoid Neoplasia

Austen, K. Frank

Innate and adaptive immune inflammation in allergic and asthmatic models

Balazs, Alejandro

Engineering Immunity to dissect host-pathogen interactions

Barbie, David

Targeting innate immune signaling to enhance cancer immunotherapy response

Barouch, Dan

My laboratory focuses on studying the immunology and virology of HIV-1 infection and developing novel vaccine strategies.

Barrett, Nora

Innate Inflammation in the Respiratory Tract

Batista, Facundo

lymphocyte activation and immune response

Benichou, Gilles

Induction and Regulation of Antigen-specific T Cell Responses

Benoist, Christophe

Systems Immunology of Tolerance and Autoimmunity

Blumberg, Richard

Microbial-epithelial-immune cell interactions in mucosal tissues

Boussiotis, Vicki

Molecular and signaling pathways regulating T cell immunity and T cell anergy

Boyce, Joshua

The role of cysteinyl leukotrienes and nucleotide receptors in control of pulmonary allergic immunity

Brennan, Patrick

Regulation of human T cell effector function

Brenner, Michael

Deconstructing autoimmune diseases using single cell technologies to identify new cells, cell states and pathways.

Butovsky, Oleg

Molecular and functional regulation of microglia in health and disease

Cantor, Harvey

Development and function of T cells, their subsets and distinctive markers

Carman, Christopher

Vascular and Cell Biology of Inflammation and Wound Healing

Carroll, Michael

Trafficking of antigen in lymph nodes

Chatila, Talal

Mechanisms of peripheral tolerance and their breakdown in allergic and autoimmune diseases

Cherayil, Bobby

Immunity to bacterial enteropathogens: modulation by host and microbial factors

Chiarle, Roberto

T and B Cell Lymphomas, Chromosomal Translocations and Cancer Immunology

Chiu, Isaac

Neuro-immune interactions in inflammation

Chowdhury, Dipanjan

Downregulating DNA Repair: Phosphatases and MicroRNAs

Clark, Rachael

The study of human tissue resident T cells

Cobbold, Mark

Development of immunotherapies to target cancer.

Dana, Reza

T cell sensitization and immunoregulation in ocular allo- and autoimmunity

Demehri, Shawn

Immune Regulation of Early Cancer Development

Dorf, Martin


Dougan, Michael

Understanding immune regulation through the inflammatory toxicities of cancer immunotherapy

Dougan, Stephanie

Cancer Immunology

Elledge, Stephen

Novel technologies exploring how viruses and cancer manipulate immune systems.

Franklin, Ruth

The immune system beyond host defense

Garrett, Wendy

Interplay between the innate immune system and gut microbial communities

Geha, Raif

Molecular Basis of Immunodeficiencies; Immunological and molecular basis of Atopic dermatitis

Georgopoulos, Katia

Transcription Factors in Lymphocyte Commitment and Differentiation

Ghobrial, Irene

Autonomous and microenvironmental mechanisms of progression in precursor multiple myeloma

Goldberg, Marcia

Human recognition of cytosolic LPS, immune dysregulation in COVID-19 and sepsis.

Goldfeld, Anne

Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Gene Regulation in the Immunopathogenesis of AIDS and TB

Gopinath, Smita

Microbiome and mucosal immunity in the gut and vagina

Gutierrez, Alejandro

Molecular pathogenesis of high-risk T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Hacohen, Nir

Dendritic Cells and the Initiation of Immune Reponses; Genetic Analysis using Genome-Wide Mammalian RNAi Libraries

Hemler, Martin

Novel adhesion and palmitoylation mechanisms for regulating the tumor microenvironment

Hla, Timothy

Lipid signaling in immunity and inflammatory disease

Ho, I-Cheng

Regulatory roles of citrullination in immune responses

Horwitz, Bruce

The Role of the Transcription Factor NF-kB in Regulating Innate Inflammatory Responses

Huh, Jun

Bacteria, Immune cells and Neurodevelopment

Hur, Sun

Crystallography, electron microscopy, biochemical assays, cellular assays

Jackson, Ruaidhrí

Mucosal Immunology and Protein Translation During Inflammation

Jain, Nitya

The Early Life Development of the Immune System

Jeffrey, Kate

Epigenomic regulation of innate immunity

Junger, Wolfgang

Cellular ATP release ad purinergic signaling in immune cell regulation

Kadoch, Cigall

chromatin and gene regulation in normal and disease states, chromatin remodeling complexes

Kagan, Jonathan

Toll-like Receptors and Innate Immunity

Kasper, Dennis

The interaction of bacteria, both commensal and pathogenic, with the immune system

Kelley, Vicki

Mechanisms of Autoimmune Disease

Kieff, Elliott

Molecular Biology of Epstein Barr Virus Infection and Transformation of B Lymphocytes

Kissler, Stephan

Immune regulation and beta cell-immune interactions in autoimmune diabetes

Kuchroo, Vijay

Regulation of Autoimmune T Cell Responses

Kwon, Douglas

Translation approaches to mucosal immunology and the microbiome

Lencer, Wayne

The cell and molecular biology of vesicular transport and a novel mechanism of innate immunity unique to the polarized epithelial cells that line mucosal surfaces

Lesser, Cammie

Bacterial pathogens and innate immunity

Lichtman, Andrew

Immune Mechanisms in Cardiovascular Disease

Lieberman, Judy

Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes

Lingwood, Daniel

Pattern recognition by the B cell receptor, vaccine development

Liu, Xiaole

Computational modeling of cancer gene regulation and tumor immunity

Look, A. Thomas

Genetic Models of Leukemogenesis

Luo, Hongbo

Signal transduction in innate immunity

Luscinskas, Francis

Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Immunology of Leukocyte-endothelial Adhesion

Luster, Andrew

Chemokine and lipid chemoattractants in immune cell trafficking in normal physiology and disease

Lynch, Lydia

Immunometabolism, linking cellular and systemic immunometabolism in setting of obesity and cancer. Innate lymphocytes (gd, iNKT, MAIT, NK cells)

Madsen, Joren

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of transplantation rejection and tolerance

Marasco, Wayne

Human antibody engineering for discovery research and immunotherapy of infectious diseases and cancer.

Mathis, Diane

T-cell differentiation, tolerance and autoimmunity, inflammation, organismal immunometabloism, Tregs.

Maus, Marcela

Genetically-modified T cells as immunotherapy for cancer

Mayadas, Tanya

Elucidate the molecular basis of neutrophil function in autoimmune disease and understand endothelial dependent permeability

Mempel, Thorsten

Immune Cell Interactions Controlling T Cell Effector Function

Moody, D. Branch

Cytotoxic Lymphocytes

Moon, James

CD4+ T Cell Tolerance

Nicholson-Weller, Anne

Biology and Chemistry of Complement Problems

Nigrovic, Peter

Basic immune mechanisms of inflammatory arthritis in adults and children

Novina, Carl

Biology and dysregulation of non-coding RNAs; engineering molecular and cellular therapies

Nowarski, Roni

Tissue regulation of immunity and inflammation

Oettgen, Hans

Regulation of immune sensitization and tolerance in allergy

Oettinger, Marjorie

Molecular Biology of V(D)J Recombination

Ordovas-Montanes, Jose

Inflammation and Memory as Drivers of Barrier Tissue Ecology

Pillai, Shiv

Assembly and Function of pre-B Cell-fate and B Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors

Ploegh, Hidde

Molecular aspects of immune recognition, supported by development of new technology.

Quintana, Francisco

Regulation of the adaptive and the innate immune response.

Rakoff-Nahoum, Seth

molecular and genetic evolutionary ecology of host-associated microbiomes and microbiomehost interactions

Rao, Deepak

Pathologic lymphocyte functions in human autoimmune disease

Raychaudhuri, Soumya

The Raychaudhuri lab aims to decipher genetic mechanisms in humans that effect CD4+ T cell function, and lead to autoimmune and infection diseases

Reinherz, Ellis

Mechanobiology of TCRs and preTCRs, pMHC identification by MS and CTL-based vaccine design

Robson, Simon

Purinergic signaling and with focus on ectonucleotidases of CD39 family

Rollins, Barrett

Control of Leukocyte Trafficking and the Immune Response By Chemokines and Other Cytokines

Sachs, David

Topics in Transplantation Biology

Sage, Peter

The Sage Lab studies how the immune system regulates B cell responses in disease

Sankaran, Vijay

Human genetic studies of blood cell production in health and disease

Scadden, David

Stem Cells and the Stem Cell Niche

Schreiber, Stuart

Chemical biology and genome biology: relating genetic variation in humans to the efficacy of small-molecule drugs

Schur, Peter

Rheumatic Diseases

Seed, Brian

Molecular Biology of Receptor Transduction in the Immune System

Shalek, Alex

Development and application of new technologies that facilitate understanding of how immune cells collectively perform systems-level functions in health and disease.

Sharpe, Arlene

Regulation of T-cell Mediated Immune Response

Snapper, Scott

Signal Transduction, Host-Microbial Interactions and Immunology

Sodroski, Joseph

Pathogenesis of Human Retroviruses

Sokol, Caroline

Innate and neuro-immune control of allergic immunity

Springer, Timothy

Molecular Basis of Cell Adhesion and Migration

Starnbach, Michael

T-Lymphocyte Responses to Bacterial Pathogens

Stevens, Beth

Neural-Immune Interactions During Development and Disease; Synapse development

Strominger, Jack

Immunology of Pregnancy, Tolerance and Multiple Sclerosis

Sun, Ye

Immune Regulation in Retinal Angiogenesis and Retinal Degeneration

Swirski, Filip

Innate leukocytes in acute and chronic inflammation

Tenen, Daniel

Gene regulation in normal and leukemic stem cells

Terhorst, Cox

Molecular Aspects of Lymphocyte Interactions

Tsokos, George

Immune Cell Signaling, Gene Transcription and Tissue Injury in Lupus

von Andrian, Ulrich

Molecular Mechanisms of Leukocyte Trafficking

Vyas, Jatin

The molecular mechanism of immunity to fungal pathogens.

Wagers, Amy

Biology and Function of Tissue-Specific Stem Cells

Wagner, Denisa

Cell Adhesion in Vascular Biology and Innate Immunity

Walker, Bruce

Immune control of HIV and implications for vaccine development

Walker, W. Allan

Study of the influence of initial bacterial colonization on the development of the mucosal immune system.

Weiner, Howard

Basic and Clinical Mechanisms of Autoimmunity

Weller, Peter

Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Eosinophil and Other Leukocyte Involvement in Allergic Flammation

Wesemann, Duane

Lymphocyte development, antibody diversity and host: microbe interactions

Winau, Florian

Mechanisms of Antigen Presentation and Cellular Immunology

Woolf, Clifford

Chronic and Inflammatory Pain, Neuronal Survival and Regeneration

Wu, Catherine

Tumor neoantigens, cancer vaccines, clonal evolution, genomics-based studies of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Wu, Hao

Structural and Cellular Biology of Innate Immunity

Wu, Ming-Ru

Synthetic biology approaches for cancer immunotherapy

Wucherpfennig, Kai

T cell Biology and Cancer Immunology

Xavier, Ramnik

Systems approaches to innate and adaptive immunity; Functional genomics of complex disease genetics

Yunis, Edmond

Biology of Histocompatibility Systems in Man and Experimental Animals; Immunology of Aging

Zanoni, Ivan

Innate Immune Signaling During Inflammation

Zhang, Baochun

B cell lymphomagenesis

Zon, Leonard

The Immunology of the Cancer and Stem Cell Niches

Current Immunology Faculty


Total Number of Faculty: 139



Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 12

Brigham & Women's Hospital: 26

Boston Children's Hospital: 28

Broad Institue of MIT and Harvard: 1

Dana Farber Cancer Institute: 17

Evergrande Center for Neurologic Diseases: 1

Harvard Medical School: 11

Harvard School of Public Health: 4

Joslin Diabetes Center: 3

Massachusetts General Hospital: 25

MIT: 1

Ragon Institute: 7

Schepen's Eye Research Institute: 2


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