About Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard (MBSH)


The objective of the organization is to meet the needs for career development of biomedical scientists from groups traditionally under-represented in academic departments at Harvard University and its Affiliated Institutions. The intent is to fashion a networking, mentoring, and mutually invigorating society to support the growth of successful scientific careers.


Fundamental to the vision of the organization is the belief that the fabric of career planning, the art of advancement, and the intellectual and spiritual excitement of science benefit from the dialogue between undergraduate and graduate student-scientists, medical students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty.

The Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard (MBSH) seek to foster this interaction by creating a setting which attracts young biomedical scientists at all levels and maintains their commitment as active contributors to the society's functions.


MBSH promotes these objectives through interactions with senior faculty as well as non-academic scientists and administrators who can provide counse and guidance with regard to various issues.


Specific Goals 

  • Professional development of its members by honing various skills such as grant writing (through workshops), lecturing and seminar presentation (through regular journal clubs), as well as other activities required for excellence in the competitive world of the biomedical sciences.
  • Networking amongst its members and other persons in academia and industry, to promote a sense of family for the general improvement of minority scientists.
  • Outreach programs to encourage grammar and high school students as well as college undergraduates to consider careers in biomedical science. 
  • Development of programs promoting diversity among the DMS faculty.

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