BBS Faculty Member - Meromit Singer

Meromit Singer

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
415 Main Street, Room 6035

Cambridge, MA 02142

The Singer group focuses on elucidating gene networks that regulate T cell function in cancer and autoimmunity, as well as the mechanisms by which bi-directional interactions take place between the T cells and their environment.

We use statistics, machine learning and algorithmic design to analyze high-throughput data generated in our lab (e.g. single-cell RNA-Seq) and model T cell regulation and function in tissue. We follow up on our predictions with in vivo perturbations (e.g. with CRISPR-Cas9) to validate and improve our models.

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Regarding address, department etc, I've asked my department head how I should fill that in given that I'm starting in June, and will get back to you once I hear back. 

Last Update: 1/11/2018


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