BBS Faculty Member - Jen Sheen

Jen Sheen

Department of Genetics

Massachusetts General Hospital
Simches Research Building CPZN7250
185 Cambridge St
Boston, MA 02114
Tel: 617-726-5916
Fax: 617-726-6893
Lab Members: 15 postdoctoral fellows
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Our laboratory studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying plant responses to central growth and developmental regulators, such as glucose, energy, hormones and stresses, as well as pathogenic suppressors and microbial elicitors of host immunity. We are especially interested in developing simple and powerful assays to systematically explore plant genome resources and uncover novel plant gene functions. We have used an integrated approach, by combining genomic, cellular, biochemical, genetic, proteomic and bioinformatic tools, to discover key regulatory genes and molecules that control diverse plant signal transduction pathways. Our recent studies are unraveling the molecular and biochemical nature of receptors/sensors and signaling cascades and regulatory circuitry that mediate responses to glucose, energy, stress, cytokinin, auxin, abscisic acid, ethylene, and microbe-associated molecular patterns in plant innate immunity. We are currently interested in integrating signaling networks in whole plants from embryogenesis to senescence.

Last Update: 7/22/2015


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Lee, H., Chah, O.K., and
Sheen, J. 2011. Stem cell immunity activated by CLV3p-FLS2 signaling. Nature 473: 376-379.

Boudsocq, M., Willman, M., McCormack, M., Lee, H., Shan, L., He., P., Bush, J., Cheng, S.H., and
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