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Abraham, Jonathan

Molecular mechanisms of antiviral immunity

Adam, Rosalyn

Signal transduction and hollow organ pathophysiology

Adelman, Karen

Probing dynamics of gene expression

Agarwal, Suneet


Aguayo-Mazzucato, Cristina

β-cell aging and diabetes

Agudo, Judith

Immune Surveillance of Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells

Aguirre, Andrew

Genetics, biology and treatment of pancreatic cancer

Alt, Frederick

Lymphocyte Differentiation, Recombination, DNA repair, cancer

Anderson, Paul

RNA granules

Arboleda-Velasquez, Joseph

Cellular and molecular basis of vascular integrity in adult retina and brain

Arlotta, Paola

Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology

Arnaout, M. Amin

Adhesion, Integrins, hematopoiesis, kidney genetics

Arthanari, Haribabu

NMR Spectroscopy, Structural Biology

Aster, Jon

Role of Notch Signaling in Lymphoid Neoplasia

Ausubel, Frederick

Molecular Biology of Pathogenesis

Balazs, Alejandro

Engineering immunity to dissect host-pathogen interactions

Bar-Peled, Liron

Redox and druggable co-dependencies in cancer

Bauer, Dan

Enhancers in Blood Cell Development/Disease

Beggs, Alan

Molecular genetics of human neuromuscular diseases

Bender, Welcome

Drosophila Molecular Genetics

Bernhardt, Thomas

Bacterial cell division and cell biology

Bernstein, Bradley

Epigenetic mechanisms in mammalian development

Biddinger, Sudha

Molecular Pathogenesis of the Metabolic Syndrome

Bischoff, Joyce

Endothelial Progenitors in Health and Disease

Blacklow, Stephen

Biochemistry of transmembrane receptors and signaling

Blackwell, T. Keith

Aging, Stress Defenses, and Developmental Gene Regulation in C. elegans

Breault, David

Regulation of tissue stem cells

Brown, Alan

Seeing molecular processes in atomic detail

Brown, Myles

Transcriptional regulation and epigenetics in breast and prostate cancer

Brugge, Joan

Signal transduction in normal and transformed cells

Buenrostro, Jason

Gene regulation, epigenetics and single-cell technologies

Buhrlage, Sara

Study of ubiquitin system

Bulyk, Martha

Transcription Factors and DNA Regulatory Elements

Buratowski, Steve

Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Eukaryotic Gene Expression

Burns, Caroline

Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration

Burns, C. Geoffrey

Zebrafish cardiovascular development and regeneration

Camargo, Fernando

Stem cells and organ size control

Cantor, Alan

Transcription factors in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis

Cepko, Connie

Molecular genetics of neural development and gene therapy to prevent blindness

Chao, Luke

Molecular mechanisms of cell ultrastructure

Chen, Fei

Novel genomic technologies for intact tissues

Chen, Hong

Mechanisms regulating heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer

Chiarle, Roberto

Molecular basis of hematologic and solid cancers

Chiu, Isaac

Neuro-immunology of Pain and Host Defense

Chou, James

Protein NMR Spectroscopy of Membrane Protein

Chouchani, Ed

Mitochondrial redox control over pathophysiology

Chowdhury, Dipanjan

Repair of Double stranded DNA breaks-pathway choices and more

Church, George

Genome Structure

Churchman, Stirling

Regulation of global gene expression at high resolution

Cichowski, Karen

Combining genetic and biochemical approaches to elucidate mechanisms underlying cancer

Clardy, Jon

Biologically active small molecules

Coen, Donald

Molecular Genetics of Herpes Viruses

Colaiácovo, Monica

Mechanisms underlying accurate meiotic chromosome segregation

Cole, Phil

Chemical biology of protein post-translational modifications

Craft, April

Cartilage development, disease, and repair

D'Amore, Patricia

Regulation of Vascular Development and Pathology

D'Andrea, Alan

Genomic instability and cancer susceptibility

Daley, George

Stem cells in disease and development

Daly, Mark

Genetics of common human disease

Danial, Nika

Integration of Metabolism and Stress Pathways

Datta, Sandeep

Functional Characterization of Neural Circuits

DeCaprio, James

Viruses and Cancer

DePace, Angela

Mechanism and evolution of gene expression in Drosophila

Devlin, Sloan

Human microbiome investigation using small molecules

Dibble, Christian

Cellular signaling and metabolism

Dong, Min

The biology and engineering of bacterial toxins, protein therapeutics, and host-pathogen interactions

Dougan, Stephanie

Mouse models of anti-tumor immunity

Dove, Simon

The regulation of gene expression in pathogenic bacteria

Dulac, Catherine

Molecular and Development Neurobiology

Dvorin, Jeffrey

Molecular pathogenesis of human malaria infection

Dymecki, Susan

Developmental Neurobiology and Genetics

Ebert, Benjamin

Research in hematology and oncology

Eck, Michael

Structure Biology of Cytoplasmic Signal Transduction

Eggan, Kevin

Mechanisms of Epigenetic Reprogramming

Elion, Elaine

Molecular Mechanisms of Signal Transduction

Elledge, Stephen

Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity

Engle, Elizabeth

Cranial axon growth and guidance

Farese Jr., Robert V.

Cellular lipid metabolism

Farnung, Lucas

Elucidating mechanisms of chromatin transcription

Feany, Mel

Genetics of neurodegenerative disease

Finley, Daniel

The ubiquitin-proteasome pathway

Fischer, Eric

Structural biology of the ubiquitin proteasome system

Fishell, Gordon

The Diverse Landscape of Inhibitory Interneurons

Fisher, David

Eukaryotic survival decisions

Flanagan, John

Cell-cell signaling in neural development and regeneration

Fleming, Mark

Molecular genetics of erythroid iron metabolism

Flynn, Ryan

Uncovering noncanonical mechanism in RNA biology

Fontana, Walter

Systems Biology Research

Frank, David

Intracellular signaling pathways in the regulation of cell growth and differentiation

Franklin, Ruth

The immune system beyond host defense

Galloway, Jenna

The regenerative biology of tendons and ligaments

Garcia-Cardeña, Guillermo

Control of Endothelial cell fate and vascular development by fluid mechanical forces

Gehrke, Lee

RNA Structure, RNA-protein Interactions, and Translation-level Gene Regulation in RNA Viruses

George, Rani

Molecular pathogenesis of pediatric cancer

Gimelbrant, Alexander

Epigenomics of allele-specific expression

Gladyshev, Vadim

Aging and redox biology

Goessling, Wolfram

Liver development, regeneration and carcinogenesis

Golan, David

Regulation of Membrane Protein and Lipid Dynamics: Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Implications

Goldberg, Alfred

Mechanism and Function of Intracellular Protein Turnover

Goldberg, Marcia

Pathogen-host interactions

Goodrich, Lisa

Molecular genetic dissection of circuit assembly and morphogenesis

Goodyear, Laurie

Effects of diabetes, exercise, and skeletal muscle metabolism

Greenberg, Michael

Neurological Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation

Greer, Eric

Mechanisms of Heritable Epigenetics

Gregory, Richard

Mechanisms of RNAi in stem cells

Greka, Anna

Calcium signaling in health and disease

Gu, Chenghua

Elucidate interactions between vascular and nervous systems

Gusella, James

Molecular Genetics of Inherited Disorders

Gussoni, Emanuela

Muscle stem cell commitment and differentiation

Gygi, Steven

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

Haber, Daniel

Molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells

Hacohen, Nir

Initiation of immune responses and systems immunology


Neurobiology of neuropsychiatric disorders and therapeutics

Hahn, William

Molecular approaches to understanding cooperating mutations in cancer

Haider, Neena

Molecular Genetics, Cell, Gene Therapy, and Retinal Disease

Haigis, Kevin

Ras signaling and colon cancer

Haigis, Marcia

Mitochondria in aging and metabolism

Hanna, John

Regulated protein degradation

Harper, J. Wade

Mechanism and biology of ubiquitin-like protein conjugation cascades

Harris, Matthew

Genetic basis of skeletal development and evolution

Harrison, Stephen

Structure and dynamics of macromolecular assemblies

Harwell, Corey

Cortical Circuit Development

He, Xi

Molecular mechanism of signal transduction

Heiman, Maxwell

Cell shape

Helaine, Sophie

Salmonella persistence during infection

Henske, Elizabeth

Tuberous sclerosis and LAM: Pathogenic Mechanisms

Higgins, Darren

Molecular Determinants of Intracellular Bacterial Pathogenesis

Hirschhorn, Joel

Human genetics, Genomics and Complex Traits

Hochedlinger, Konrad

Embryonic stem cells, Nuclear Transfer, Cancer, Reprogramming

Hochschild, Ann

Prokaryotic transcription and prion biology

Howley, Peter

Viral Pathogenic and Tranformation Mechanisms

Hsu, Victor

Basic and applied mechanisms of intracellular transport

Hsu, Ya-Chieh

Epithelial Stem Cells in Development, Regeneration, and Disease

Huh, Jun

Bacteria, immune cells and neurons

Hung, Deborah

Chemical genetics approach to bacterial pathogenesis

Hunter, Craig

Genetics and Development

Hur, Sun

Molecular mechanism of the immune system

Ingber, Don

Mechanobiology and Developmental Control

Italiano, Joseph

Cytoskeletal mechanics of blood platelet production

Jacobsen, Christina

New therapies for pediatric bone disease

Jain, Rakesh K.

Tumor microenvironment, Angiogenesis and Metastasis: from Bench-to-Bedside-to-Biomarkers

Jänne, Pasi

Translational research on kinase inhibitors

Jost, Marco

Molecular mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions

Joung, Keith

Genome Editing and Epigenome Editing

Kadoch, Cigall

Structure and function of ATP-dependent chromatin regulators in human cancer

Kaelin, William

Molecular Pathogenesis of Cancer

Kaeser, Pascal

Neurotransmitter release sites

Kagan, Jonathan

Toll-like Receptors and Innate Immunity

Kahne, Daniel

Mechanisms of action of antibiotics

Kalaany, Nada

Systemic Metabolism and Cancer

Kanarek, Naama

Folate metabolism in cancer and other pathologies

Kaplan, Joshua

Genetic analysis of synaptic transmission

Karnoub, Antoine

Epithelial:stromal interactions in the formation and progression of carcinomas

Kasper, Dennis

Bacterial / Host Interactions in symbiosis and pathogenesis

Kennedy, Scott

Epigenetic inheritance and small regulatory RNAs

Kim, Carla

Lung stem cell biology and cancer

Kim, Dennis

Host-microbe interactions of C. elegans

Kim, Justin

Chemical tools for manipulating biological systems

King, Randy

Chemical Approaches to Cell Division and Cancer

Kingston, Robert

Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation in Mammals

Kirchhausen, Tomas

Single-molecule biology and visualization of cellular dynamics

Kirschner, Marc

Cell Morphogenesis and Regulation

Kleinstiver, Benjamin

CRISPR Genome Editing Technologies and Applications

Knipe, David

Epigenetic Regulation of DNA Virus Infection

Koehler, Karl

Modeling sensory organ development and regeneration

Kohane, Isaac

Integrative genomics of cancer and autism

Kostic, Alex

Role of the gut microbiome in autoimmunity

Kranzusch, Philip

Enzyme biochemistry and innate immune signaling

Kreidberg, Jordan

Signaling networks in development and disease

Kruse, Andrew

Molecular mechanisms of transmembrane signaling

Kucherlapati, Raju

Genetics and genomics of human disease

Kulkarni, Rohit

Islet cell signaling mechanisms, Stem cells, iPS Cells in diabetes

Kunkel, Louis

Neurogenetics of Disease

Kuroda, Mitzi

Molecular genetics of chromosome organization and gene expression

Lahav, Galit

Dynamics of cancer pathways in single cells

Langenau, David

Self-Renewal and Cancer

Lassar, Andrew

Regeneration of cartilage and skeletal muscle

Lee, Amy

mRNA translation regulation in differentiation and disease

Lee, Jeannie

Epigenetic regulation by long noncoding RNAs

Lee, Richard

Regenerative biology

Leger-Abraham, Melissa

Structural biology of parasitic protein synthesis

Lehoczky, Jessica

Molecular basis of digit tip regeneration

Lehtinen, Maria

Neural stem cells and cerebrospinal fluid

Lencer, Wayne

Bacterial toxin entry and immunoglobulin transport in mucosal epithelial cells

Lesser, Cammie

Modeling mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis

Levy, Bruce

Resolution of lung inflammation and injury

Li, Zhe

Developmental oncobiology and cancer stem cells

Liao, Eric

Craniofacial developmental biology

Liao, Maofu

Protein structure by high-resolution electron microscopy

Liberles, Stephen

Molecular Biology of Instinctive Animal Behavior

Lieberman, Judy

Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes

Liu, X. Shirley

Computational biology of gene regulation and translational cancer research

Livingston, David

Molecular biology and genetics of Cancer

Look, A. Thomas

Genetic models of Leukemogenesis

Loparo, Joseph

Single-molecule studies of DNA repair

Lory, Stephen

Host Pathogen interactions

Loscalzo, Joseph

Endothelial cell, nitric oxide, proteomic redox regulation

MacDonald, Marcy

Molecular Genetic Approaches to Human Disease Mechanisms

Macklis, Jeffrey

Cortical Development and Regeneration - a molecular, developmental neuroscientist regarding circuit formation/development, degeneration, and regeneration

MacRae, Calum

Developmental Biology and Disease in Human and Zebrafish

Majzoub, Joseph

Hypothalamic gene function and regulation

Malley, Richard

Acquired and innate immunity to pneumococci

Marto, Jarrod

Quantitative proteomics of cancer progression

McAllister, Sandra

Molecular and cellular regulators of cancer progression

McCarroll, Steven

Human genome structural and regulatory variation

McClatchey, Andrea

Membrane:cytoskeleton interface in morphogenesis and tumorigenesis/metastasis

McKinley, Kara

Visualizing intestinal and uterine regeneration

Megason, Sean

Systems Biology Research

Mekalanos, John

Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis

Melton, Douglas

Vertebrate Development Biology

Meyerson, Matthew

Biology and genetics of human cancers

Michel, Thomas

Cardiovascular signal transduction

Michor, Franziska

Computational biology of cancer

Mitchell, Richard

Mechanisms of acute and chronic allograft rejection

Mitchison, Timothy

Cytoskeletal Dynamics

Moazed, Danesh

Epigenetics and Cellular Memory

Moffitt, Jeffrey

in situ single-cell transcriptomics

Mootha, Vamsi

Mitochondrial physiology and disease

Morton, Cynthia

Research in Molecular Cytogenetics

Moses, Marsha

Biochemical and molecular regulation of vascular growth

Mostoslavsky, Raul

Chromatin Dynamics in metabolism and DNA repair

Motamedi, Mo

Epigenetic mechanisms and genomic integrity

Mullally, Ann

Myeloid blood cancers, leukemia, stem cells

Mullen, Alan

Noncoding RNAs in development and fibrosis

Muranen, Taru

Tumor microenvironment mediated drug resistance

Muthuswamy, Senthil

Cell polarity, organoids, cancer biology and therapeutics

North, Trista

Blood stem cell development and regeneration

Novina, Carl

Non-coding RNAs; engineering molecular and cellular therapies

Nowarski, Roni

Tissue immunoregulation in inflammation and cancer

Oettinger, Marjorie

Molecular Biology of V(D)J Recombination

Olsen, Bjorn

Molecular Biology of Extracellular Matrix

Orefice, Lauren

Development, function, dysfunction of somatosensory circuits

Orkin, Stuart

Human Molecular Genetics

Park, Peter

Computational Genomics

Pellman, David

Normal cell division mechanisms and cell division defects in cancer

Perelman, Lev

Bioimaging and Optical Spectroscopy: Detection of Early Disease with Light

Perrimon, Norbert

Genetic analysis of growth and homeostasis

Pier, Gerald

Bacterial pathogenesis and vaccine development

Pinello, Luca

Computational methods to understand gene regulation

Polyak, Kornelia

Molecular Basis of Breast Cancer Initiation and Progression

Pourquie, Olivier

Musculo-skeletal development

Pu, William

Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of Heart Development. Cardiac Regeneration and Cardiac Stem Cells

Puigserver, Pere

Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Control

Rabkin, Samuel

HSV Vectors for Cancer Therapy

Rajagopal, Jay

Lung Regeneration and Lung Disease

Rakoff-Nahoum, Seth

Mechanisms of the Evolution and Ecology of Host-Microbiome Interactions 

Rapoport, Tom

Protein Transport Across the Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane

Raychaudhuri, Soumya


Reich, David

Applying population genetics to find disease genes

Roberts, Thomas

Control of Gene Expression Tumorgenesis and Differentiation

Robinson, Elise


Rosen, Evan

Molecular Approaches to Metabolism and Energy Balance

Rosenzweig, Anthony

Mechanisms of heart growth, regeneration, and failure

Rubin, Eric

Bacterial genetics of tuberculosis and tularemia

Rubin, Lee

Stem Cells and Neurodegenerative Disease

Rudner, David

Bacterial differentiation and cell biology

Ruvkun, Gary

Genetic analysis of small RNA pathways and surveillance of core cellular systems

Sahay, Amar

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis, cognition and affective behaviors

Sahin, Mustafa

Cellular Mechanism(s) of Axon Guidance

Salic, Adrian

Mechanisms of cell-cell signaling

Sander, Chris

Computational and systems biology, statistical physics, cancer therapeutics

Sankaran, Vijay

Human genetic studies of blood production and disease

Scadden, David

Hematopoietic stem cells and their niche

Schmidt, Aaron

Using protein engineering, antibody evolution and small-molecule discovery to dissect host-pathogen interactions

Schwarz, Thomas

Genetics of Neuronal Cell Biology

Scully, Ralph

Recombination functions of the BRCA genes

Seed, Brian

Molecular Biology of Signal Transduction

Segal, Rosalind

Neurotrophic factors in development: Functions and mechanisms of action

Seidman, Christine

Molecular genetics basis of human disease, particularly cardiovascular pathogenesis

Seidman, Jonathan

Inherited human disorders

Selkoe, Dennis

Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's and Parkinsons Diseases

Sellers, William

Linking functional cancer genomics to therapeutics

Serhan, Charles

Chemical mediators in inflammation and resolution

Shah, Jagesh

Systems Biology Research

Shao, Sichen (Susan)

Regulation of protein biosynthesis and quality control

Sharpe, Arlene

Regulation of T-cell Mediated Immune Response

Sheen, Jen

Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Signal Transduction

Sherwood, Richard

CRISPR/Cas9 screening to understand genome function

Shi, Yang

Transcriptional control in differentiation/development and tumorigenesis

Shih, William

Biomolecular nanotechnology

Shivdasani, Ramesh

Cancer and development, intestinal development/differentiation

Sicinski, Peter

Cell cycle proteins in development and cancer

Silver, Pamela

Systems Biology Research

Sinclair, David

Molecular mechanisms of aging and age related diseases

Slack, Frank

MicroRNA roles in development and disease

Sliz, Piotr

Structural biology of mechanisms in gene regulation

Sorger, Peter

Systems biology of mammalian signal transduction

Soukas, Alexander

Functional Genomics of Obesity and Diabetes

Spiegelman, Bruce

Biology of Gene Expression and Metabolic Control

Springer, Michael

Evolution of signaling pathway; quantitative techniques

Springer, Timothy

Molecular Basis of cell adhesion and migration

Starnbach, Michael

T-Lymphocyte Responses to Bacterial Pathogens

Struhl, Kevin

Gene regulation in yeast and cancer

Subramanian, Radhika

Mechanisms of microtubule organization

Sunyaev, Shamil

Computational analysis of sequence variation and divergence

Suvà, Mario

Brain tumors biology, focus epigenetics and heterogeneity

Szabo, Gyongyi

Innate Immune Signaling in Liver-Gut Axis

Szostak, Jack

The Origin of Cellular Life

Tabin, Clifford

Vertebrate Pattern Formation

Talkowski, Michael

Genome structure and function, Neuropsychiatric genomics

Toker, Alex

Signaling Pathways in Cancer Cell Biology

Tothova, Zuzana

Genetics and epigenetics of hematologic malignancies

Tseng, Yu-Hua

Adipocyte development and energy metabolism

Van Vactor, David

Neuronal Pathfinding and Synaptogenesis

Vandenberghe, Luk

Viral evolution, Synthetic Virology, and Gene Therapy

Vasudevan, Shobha

microRNA functions in cancers and quiescence

Verdine, Gregory

Approaches Toward Understanding and Treating Human Disease

Vidal, Marc

Interactome networks

von Andrian, Ulrich

Molecular Mechanisms of Leukocyte Trafficking

Wagers, Amy

Biology and function of tissue-specific stem cells

Wagner, Gerhard

NMR spectroscopy of proteins and metabolites

Waldor, Matthew

Biology and virulence of enteric pathogens

Walensky, Loren

Targeting deregulated apoptotic and transcriptional pathways in cancer

Walker, Suzanne

Chemical biology, enzymology, antibiotics, glycosyltransferases, inhibitors

Walsh, Christopher

Molecular Genetics of Cerebral Cortical Development

Walt, David

Single Molecule Biomarker Detection

Walter, Johannes

Maintenance of genome stability in S phase

Walther, Tobias

Lipid and Membrane Homeostasis

Wang, Da-Zhi

Cardiovascular development and disease, muscle biology

Warman, Matthew

Development and homeostasis of the skeleton

Watnick, Paula

Pathogenic mechanisms and treatment of diarrheal disease

Wei, Wenyi

Cell cycle, Ubiquitination and protein degradation, cancer research

Weinstock, David

Cancer genetics and DNA repair

Wesemann, Duane

Lymphocyte dynamics and somatic antibody evolution

White, Kristin

Genetic control of apoptosis in Drosophila

Whited, Jessica

Regeneration in Axolotls

Whitman, Malcolm

Signal Transduction During Early Development

Widlund, Hans


Winston, Fred

Eukaryotic transcription and chromatin structure

Wirth, Dyann

Molecular Biology of Parasites

Wong, Wesley

Single-molecule Biophysics and Force Spectroscopy

Wu, Catherine

Biology and Immunotherapy of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Wu, Ting (C.-ting)

Genetics, epigenetics, gene regulation, evolution, disease

Wu, Hao

Mechanistic elucidation of immune signaling

Wucherpfennig, Kai

Molecular mechanisms of T cell activation

Yang, Yingzi

Genetic control of mammalian morphogenesis and disease

Yankner, Bruce

The Neurobiology of Alzheimer's disease and related neurodegenerative disorders

Yellen, Gary

Neuronal metabolism and excitability; Molecular physiology of ion channels

Young-Pearse, Tracy

Neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders

Zetter, Bruce

Mechanisms of Tumor Metastasis

Zhang, Yi

Epigenetic regulation in stem cell/development and disease

Zhao, Jean

Kinase signaling in cancer

Zon, Leonard

Developmental Biology of Hematopoiesis

Zou, Lee

DNA damage responses and genomic stability

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Women: 94 (27%)


Current Students: 381

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Women: 194 (51%)


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International: 84 (22%)


PhD: 358 (94%)

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