BBS Faculty Member - Cristina Aguayo-Mazzucato

Cristina Aguayo-Mazzucato

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Joslin Diabetes Center
Section of Islet Cell and Regenerative Biology, Room 468A
1 Joslin Place
Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617-309-4782
Fax: 617-732-2650
Visit my lab page here.

The Aguayo-Mazzucato Lab is interested in studying the aging process of pancreatic beta cells and how it contributes to the development of diabetes. Additionally, we are interested in identifying pharmacological and non-pharmacological senolytic interventions that can halt this process in an attempt to alter the course of type 2 diabetes. So far, we have identified beta-cell specific aging markers that allow us to discern and track the dynamics of the age of individual cells and have identified cellular senescence as a key mechanism by which beta cells age. Additionally, we have shown that different models of insulin resistance accelerate the aging process of beta cells and that targeting this aged population improves insulin secretion, cellular identity and blood glucose levels. Going forward, we will continue the study of the mechanisms behind beta cell senescence a process that will identify new therapeutic targets. Ultimately, our overarching goal is to translate these findings into the clinic and create new and novel interventions that can alter the course of Type 2 Diabetes. We are confident many of our findings will also be relevant to Type 1 Diabetes.

Last Update: 8/5/2020


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