Genetics and Genomics Faculty

Bernhardt, Thomas

Bacterial cell division and cell biology


Bulyk, Martha

Transcriptional Regulatory Network Analyses


Cepko, Connie

Retina development


Church, George

Genome Structure


Churchman, Stirling

Global studies of transcription elongation


Colaiácovo, Monica

Research on mechanisms underlying meiotic chromosome segregation


DePace, Angela

Mechanism and evolution of gene expression in Drosophila


Dove, Simon

The regulation of gene expression in pathogenic bacteria


Dymecki, Susan

Mammalian Embryonic patterning


Elledge, Stephen

Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity


Gray, Jesse

How transcriptional networks rewire neuronal circuits


Harris, Matthew

Genetic basis of skeletal development and evolution


Heiman, Maxwell

Cell shape


Hirschhorn, Joel

Human genetics, Genomics and Complex Traits


Hochschild, Ann

Gene Regulation of Prokaryotes


Kadoch, Cigall

Structure and function of ATP-dependent chromatin regulators in human cancer


Kaplan, Joshua

Genetic analysis of synaptic transmission


Kennedy, Scott

Epigenetic inheritance and small regulatory RNAs


Kim, Carla

Lung stem cell biology and cancer


Kingston, Robert

Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation in Mammals


Kucherlapati, Raju

Genetics and genomics of human disease


Kunkel, Louis

Neurogenetics of Disease


Kuroda, Mitzi

Dosage compensation in Drosophila


Lee, Jeannie

Mammalian X-inactivation

  Daniel MacArthur

McCarroll, Steven

Human genome structural and regulatory variation


Mekalanos, John

Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis


Moazed, Danesh

Gene Silencing and Chromosome Structure


Morton, Cynthia

Research in Molecular Cytogenetics


Motamedi, Mohammad

Epigenetic mechanisms and genomic integrity


Oettinger, Marjorie

Molecular Biology of V(D)J Recombination


Park, Peter

Computational Genomics


Perrimon, Norbert

Genetic analysis of growth and homeostasis


Reich, David

Applying population genetics to find disease genes


Rudner, David

Molecular Mechanisms in Bacterial Differentiation


Ruvkun, Gary

Molecular Genetics of Development


Schwarz, Thomas

Genetics of Neuronal Cell Biology


Sunyaev, Shamil

computational analysis of sequence variation and divergencecvx


Szostak, Jack

Structure and Activities of Ribozymes


Tabin, Cliff

Vertebrate Pattern Formation


Vidal, Marc

Functional genomics and proteomics of signal transduction


Warman, Matthew

Development and homeostasis of the skeleton


Winston, Fred

Eukaryotic transcription and chromatin structure


Wu, C.-ting

Epigenetics, genetics, gene regulation, ultraconserved elements


Zon, Leonard

Developmental Biology of Hematopoiesis



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