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Aryee, Martin

Statistical methods for cancer epigenetics

Avillach, Paul

Analytic and interpretive methods to transform biomedical and genomic data into health

Baym, Michael

Antibiotic resistance, evolution, big data algorithms

Berger, Bonnie

Computational molecular biology including protein folding and medical genomics

Beroukhim, Rameen

Genomic characterization of cancer with a focus on copy-number alterations

Buenrostro, Jason

Epigenetics, development and genome technologies

Bulyk, Martha

Functional genomics, gene regulation, and protein-DNA interactions

Carter, Scott

Cancer initiation, progression, and metastasis

Cassa, Christopher

Novel methods for clinical variant interpretation

Church, George

Genome sequencing technologies; synthetic biology and cell/tissue engineering

Churchman, Stirling

Develop and apply high resolution quantitative genomic approaches, e.g., NET-seq

Daly, Mark

Analysis of next generation sequencing data in autism, ADHD and other psychiatric diseases

Elledge, Stephen

Cell Cycle Control and Genomic Integrity

Farhat, Maha

Development and application of methods for genomic of infectious disease pathogens

Flannick, Jason

Computational and statistical genetics/genomics

Gehlenborg, Nils

Data visualization techniques for biomedical informatics and big data science

Getz, Gad

Developing and applying sequencing technology to analyze cancer mutations

Golub, Todd

Applying genomic tools to the classification and study of human cancers

Gray, Jesse

Molecular genomic and circuit-level approaches to study neural activity-regulated transcription

Green, Robert

Impact and health outcomes of utilizing genetic and genomic information within and outside medicine.

Gusella, James

Human genetics of diseases including Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, neurofibromatosis, and autism

Gusev, Alexander

statistical methods for cancer and complex traits

Gygi, Steven

Developing and applying new technologies in the fields of mass spectrometry and proteomics

Hacohen, Nir

Systems approach to identify genes and gene networks critical to initiation of immunity

Haigis, Kevin

Understanding the oncogenic properties of K-Ras and N-Ras, both of which are commonly mutated in colorectal cancers

Hirschhorn, Joel

Use genetics to identify and understand the causal biology of polygenic diseases and traits

Irizarry, Rafael

Statistical methods and software for data produced by high-throughput technologies

Kharchenko, Peter

Development and novel application of quantitative single-cell genomic analysis

Kohane, Isaac

Study human disease using computational techniques linking EHR and genomic data

Kostic, Aleksandar

Role of the gut microbiome in autoimmunity

Lander, Eric

Applying genomics to understand the molecular basis of human physiology and disease

Lee, E. Alice

Computational genomics of repetitive DNA and somatic mutation

Li, Heng

Computational biology, high-throughput sequence analysis

Liu, Xiaole

Computational modeling of transcriptional and epigenetic gene regulation, computational cancer immunology

Loh, Po-Ru

Statistical genetics: fast algorithms for large-scale genetic data analyses

Mahmood, Faisal

Data-driven objective diagnosis, prognosis and biomarker discovery

Marks, Debora

Using novel algorithms and statistics to understand and interpret genetic variation

Meyerson, Matthew

Genomic analysis of human cancers, focusing on lung cancer; infectious causes for diseases

Miller, Miles

Imaging mammalian regulatory networks at multiple scales

Mirny, Leonid

Computational structural and system biology, including structures of proteins and 3D folding of chromosomes

Mootha, Vamsi

Computational and proteomics approaches to study mitochondrial biology in health and disease

Morton, Cynthia

Evolving techniques in molecular cytogenetics to address problems in human cytogenetics

Neale, Benjamin

Statistical methodology for genetic analysis with focus on psychiatric illness

Nowak, Martin

Mathematical approaches to express the behavior of cells, viruses, insects, and humans

Park, Peter

Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of disease using sequencing technology

Patel, Chirag

Developing computational and informatics methods for genomic and environmental data

Pinello, Luca

Computational methods for (epi)genomics, single cell assays and CRISPR genome editing

Price, Alkes

Functional components of heritability, common vs. rare variant architectures, and disease mapping in structured populations

Raychaudhuri, Soumya

Mapping rheumatoid arthritis disease alleles and interpreting in the context of epigenetic data

Sabeti, Pardis

Detecting genetic signatures of adaption in humans and the microbial organisms.

Sander, Chris

Algorithms for cancer pathway analysis and the design of combination therapies

Segre, Ayellet

Statistical genetics and functional genomics of complex eye diseases

Seidman, Christine

Genetic and non-genetic approaches to define mechanisms leading to human cardiac disease

Seidman, Jonathan

Mutations in sarcomere protein genes that cause hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in humans

Silverman, Edwin

Network approaches to genomic and phenotypic data in complex diseases

Sorger, Peter

Molecular networks regulating life-death decisions in human cells

Stegmaier, Kimberly

Genomic, chemical biology and proteomic approaches to new cancer targets

Sunyaev, Shamil

Biology and evolution of mutation, effect of variation on molecular function and structure

Szolovits, Peter

Artificial intelligence methods to medical decision making; design healthcare IT systems

Talkowski, Michael

Genome structural variation on congenital anomalies, especially neurodevelopmental

Van Allen, Eliezer

Computational cancer genomics applied to personalized medicine and therapy resistance

van Galen, Peter

Normal and malignant hematopoiesis

von Andrian, Ulrich

Mechanisms of migration of leukocytes around the body and the interactions between leukocytes during an immune response

Walsh, Christopher

Gene mutations that disrupt the cerebral cortex, causing pediatric brain disease

Weiss, Scott

Personalized medicine by translating human genome research into clinical practice

Yu, Kun-Hsing

Machine learning for pathology imaging, multi-omics, and clinical data integration

Yu, Timothy

Human neurodevelopmental disorders: genetics and neurobiology

Zhang, Cheng-Zhong

Single-cell genomic analysis to study mechanisms of chromosomal abnormalities

Zitnik, Marinka

Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Discovery Infrastructure, Computational Omics



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