Prospective Students

Highlights of BBS

  • 9 supportive research communities
  • Flexible curriculum
  • Exceptional Faculty
  • World-Class research environment
  • Skill building for diverse careers

Harvard BBS is a true umbrella program with no departmental boundaries. You have the freedom to train in any one of our 9 supportive research communities composed from the basic science departments and specialized research programs at Harvard Medical School. The BBS curriculum is flexible; you can tailor your Ph.D. training to suit your scientific interests and goals. Yet it is also dedicated to the skill building so essential to contemporary bioscientists whether in industry, academia, or non-profits. These customizable features in BBS are combined with access to exceptional faculty and cutting-edge facilities to create a world-class graduate program where exciting discoveries are made every day. (See our program overview to learn more.) Come join us.


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Program Overview

BBS provides a rigorous, nimble biomedical education, equipping trainees with tools to bring about scientific breakthroughs and to launch entrepreneurial paths in academics, industry, and education.

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Flexible Curriculum

A combination of core courses and electives allows you to tailor an education that suits your needs and interests.

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Supportive Research Communities

The BBS scientific umbrella is comprised of nine interwoven research communities that bring together researchers that share a common interest. These groups serve as “neighborhoods within the city”, and provide students with additional support throughout their education and training.

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World-Class Research Environment

Harvard Medical School, its affiliated hospitals, and the greater Harvard system is home to an unmatched number of outstanding research laboratories spanning all areas of bioscience.

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