Becoming a BBS Faculty Member

The vitality and continued strength of BBS depends on many different contributions from our Faculty, Students and Staff. Faculty membership in the BBS program has always assumed active and continued participation in our community activities, governance committees, and graduate curriculum. At this time of membership review and renewal, we here outline the explicit expectations of BBS for its faculty, regardless of their primary institutional or departmental affiliations.


Membership in BBS is contingent on several criteria and forms of service, as follows:


  • a) Eligibility for membership in BBS requires a full-time tenure-track faculty appointment (Assistant, Associate or full Professor) at Harvard Medical School.
  • b) All BBS Faculty agree to participate regularly in BBS events and recruiting activities.
  • c) All BBS Faculty agree to serve on our advising and governance committees (e.g. Admissions, Program Advising, Preliminary Qualifying Examination, and Dissertation Advisory Committees) when requested by the program heads or committee chairs.
  • d) All BBS Faculty agree to support the graduate course curriculum via teaching in one of the core skills courses BBS230 and BBS330, plus contributions to other core and advanced courses by acting as course director, lecturer, or discussion leader.  We monitor these commitments through a three-year prospective teaching survey. Of course, other contributions to DMS educational resources are welcome.
  • e) Maintenance of membership as a BBS Thesis Advisor requires thesis project sponsorship within 9 years of initial membership approval. Exceptions can be made for faculty that make extraordinary contributions to graduate education in BBS.
  • f) Maintenance of membership as a BBS Thesis Advisor also assumes financial means and infrastructure to support thesis research for new students.


For application consideration, active participation in BBS is expected. New applications now require prior participation in the BBS teaching mission, such as engagement in BBS230, BBS330, various core courses, and/or launching nano and quarter courses. Renewal applications must show active service in area d) as well as b) and/or c) within the past 3 years.


I want to thank you for your past and future contributions to BBS – our active faculty members are our greatest resource.  BBS looks forward to working with you to provide the best training experience possible for our students.



The BBS Membership Committee strongly encourages new applicants to meet with David Van Vactor, BBS Program Director, prior to submitting an application.


David Van Vactor
Professor of Cell Biology

Program Director


Application and Deadlines

Applications are due Friday, April 30, 2021

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