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One of the most important commitments of an academic department of psychiatry is research and scholarship. Research pushes back the barriers of ignorance about the causes of mental disorders, brings to bear on patient care scientifically informed treatment, and creates an environment of critical thinking essential for clinical training. Of all the medical specialties, the conceptual approaches to psychiatry have changed most radically over the last two decades as a consequence of basic and clinical research. Just in the last decade, new areas of inquiry ranging from molecular genetics through brain imaging to mental health services research, have emerged as important influences on psychiatric practice.

This compilation of sponsored research of the faculty in the Harvard Department of Psychiatry -- affectionately known as the "Red Book" -- provides an overview of the extensive, multi-disciplinary, substantive research efforts of the faculty. Since first issued in 1992, external research and research training support has increased nearly fifty percent to over $100 million dollars annually. We hope that this compilation will assist students, fellows, and faculty in identifying research areas of interest, thereby enhancing opportunities for training and collaboration. By promoting these interactions, we believe that this information will facilitate a further expansion of the research activities of our faculty in the Department over the next few years.

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