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The Department of Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School coordinates the psychiatric resources of nine major teaching institutions in the Greater Boston area into a collaborative whole that is dedicated to quality clinical services, excellent training and education, and innovative research. This collaboration is accomplished by developing complementary, interdigitated and specialized roles that optimize the existing expertise and unique strengths of each participant institution.

The Department has over 1,700 faculty and 500 trainees across its nine participating institutions. Clinically it has a full range of clinical programs for patients with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, including over 300 acute inpatient beds, holding/respite beds, partial hospital programs, emergency and crisis intervention programs, residential programs, outpatient services, and expert consultation services to medical patients with co-morbid psychiatric disorders. The nine sites include private general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and public sector and VA Boston Healthcare System. Services are delivered in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, coordinated and cost-efficient manner that meets the needs of patients, families and the community.

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