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William Harris, M.D.Arthroplasty

Dr. Frank Pedlow (left), chief of the Orthopaedic Spine Service at MGH, at a thursday spine clinic with Courtney Finnegan, nurse practictioner, and L. Pearce McCarty, senior resident.

Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Tom Gill (left) from the Sports Medicine service watches as Senior resident Dr. Ajeya Joshi scopes a shoulder.The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is a 735 active bed hospital for adults and children with an average daily orthopaedic patient census of 45 and over 4500 orthopaedic emergency room visits per year. The total orthopaedic surgical volume for FY99 was 3400 admissions, 3793 inpatient surgery cases, and 3645 outpatient surgery cases. The Service has one of the largest Orthopaedic Tumor Service in the nation, an Upper Extremity Service performing microvascular and major reconstructive surgery, a Sports Medicine Service treating professional, college, and high school athletes, active Trauma and Pediatric Orthopaedic Services, strong Foot & Ankle and Spine Services, and a world renowned Joint Arthroplasty Service. The Orthopaedic Research laboratories are actively involved in basic research in bioengineering of total joints, biochemistry and molecular biology of skeletal tissues with a focus on osteoarthritis, osteolysis, and bone tumors. There are 34 staff orthopaedic surgeons, 17 orthopaedic residents and 14 orthopaedic fellows working in the Orthopaedic Department of the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Conference Schedule:

Monday Chief’s Morning Report (Trauma)
Oncology Conference

Tuesday Chief’s Morning Report (Trauma)
Pediatric Conference
Tumor Radiology
Spine Conference

Wednesday Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Grand Rounds (3rd & 4th Wed) at MGH
Core Curriculum

Thursday Chief’s Morning Report (Trauma)
Arthroplasty Conference
Oncology Combined Sarcoma Conference

Friday Chief’s Morning Report (Trauma)
Hand Surgery Service Conference
Sports Medicine/Shoulder Conference

Harry Rubash, M.D. (first row, third from left), Chief of Orthopaedics, MGH, with residents, fellows, and faculty.

Harry Rubash, M.D. (first row, third from left), Chief of Orthopaedics, MGH, with residents, fellows, and faculty.


Maurice Albright, M.D.
Joseph Barr, M.D. (Clinical Assistant Profesor)
Arthur Boland, M.D. (Clinical Assistant Profesor)
Dennis Burke, M.D. (instructor)
Richard de Asla, MD
Samuel Doppelt, M.D. (Assistant Clinical Professor)
Andrew Freiberg, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Thomas Gill, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Brian Grottkau, M.D.
William Harris, M.D. (Professor)
James Heckman, M.D. (Clinical Professor)
James Herndon, M.D. (Partners Professor)
Thomas Holovacs, M.D.
Francis Hornicek, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Murali Jasty, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Jesse Jupiter, M.D. (Professor)
Saechin Kim, M.D. (Instructor)
Fulton Kornack, M.D. (Clinical Instructor)
Leroy Lavine, M.D. (Clinical Lecturer)
Sang-gil Lee, M.D. (Instructor)
Robert Leffert, M.D. (Professor)
David Lhowe, M.D. (Instructor)
Frederick Mansfield, M.D. (Clinical Instructor)
Henry J. Mankin, MD (Emeritus)
Peter Millett, M.D. (Instructor)
Dinesh Patel, M.D. (Clinical Assistant)
Frank Pedlow, M.D. (Instructor)
Gary Perlmutter, M.D. (Clinical Instructor)
Kevin Raskin, MD (Instructor)
David Ring, M.D. (Instructor)
Harry Rubash, M.D. (Professor)
Robert Scardina, D.P.M. (Clinical Instructor)
John Siliski, M.D. (Clinical Instructor)
Malcolm Smith, M.D. (Instructor)
Ralph Sweetland, M.D. (Lecturer)
George Theodore, M.D. (Instructor)
William Tomford, M.D. (Professor)
Mark Vrahas, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
J.P. Warner, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Kirkham Wood, MD
Bertram Zarins, M.D. (Clinical Associate Professor)


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