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Dr. Huddleston (left) performing upper extremity surgery at Children’s Hospital, Boston

Faculty, residents, and fellows at Children's Hospital, Boston.

Children's Hospital Boston

Dr. James Kasser, chief of orthopaedics at Children's Hospital, Boston, at work teaching a group of residents in clinic.The Children’s Hospital (CH) is a 290 bed hospital for children with an average daily orthopaedic patient census of 20. It is a major referral center for patients from the region as well as national and international patients. The Emergency Room is a level I pediatric trauma center. Over 34,000 outpatients are seen yearly and 3000 operations are performed. The unique procedures done at our institution involve complex spine surgery, surgery for congenital defects of both upper and lower extremities and complex hip osteotomies. The hospital has associated with it a laboratory in skeletal biology, carrying out research in bone mineralization, fracture healing and various aspects of skeletal biology. There are 16 staff orthopaedic surgeons, 8 orthopaedic residents and 2 orthopaedic fellows working at Children’s Hospital in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Conference Schedule:

Monday Basic Science/Fracture Conference

Tuesday Clinical Pediatric Orthopaedics

Wednesday Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Grand Rounds (BWH/MGH)
Core Curriculum

Thursday Chief’s Conference/Case Discussions

Friday Fellow’s Conference

James Kasser, M.D. Chief of OrthopaedicsChildren's Hospital
James Kasser, M.D.
Chief of Orthopaedics
Children's Hospital

John Emans, M.D. (Professor)
Mark Gebhardt, M.D. (Professor)
Peter Gerbino, M.D. (Instructor)
John Hall, M.D. (Professor)
Daniel Hedequist, M.D. (Instructor)
Timothy Hresko, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Lawrence Karlin, M.D. (Assitant Professor)
James Kasser, M.D. (John Hall Professor)

Young-Jo Kim, M.D. (Instructor)
Mininder Kocher, M.D. (Instructor)
Lyle Micheli, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Michael Millis, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Robert Rosenthal, M.D. (Clinical Assistant Professor)
Frederic Shapiro, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Brian Snyder, M.D. (Assistant Professor)
Peter Waters, M.D. (Associate Professor)
Seymour Zimbler, M.D. (Clinical Instructor)

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