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(attachment to contract issued to graduate trainees)
  1. Grievances pertaining to the training program, faculty or work environment should first be directed to the training program director in writing, and copied to the Service Chief and the Director of Graduate Medical Education.  If the Graduate Trainee prefers to request advice about a possible grievance prior to or in lieu of directing a complaint to the training program director, s/he should contact the Director of Graduate Medical Education (DGME) or the Associate Director of GME (ADGME).

  2. A written response to the grievance should be provided by the training program director within two weeks.  If no response is received or if the response is not satisfactory to the Graduate Trainee, the Graduate Trainee should contact the Director or Associate Director of Graduate Medical Education.  The DGME (or ADGME) will meet with the Graduate Trainee and the training program director if further information is needed, and will present the issue to either the Hospital-based GME Committee or the Partners Education Committee for resolution.
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