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Neil Harness (left) operates under the magnifed guidance of Dr. Sang-gil Lee.

Don Bae at Smith and Nephew arthroscopy skills lab.

Fellowship Application Contacts

Dr. Neal Chen (left) and Kevin Raskin, orthopaedic oncology fellow, evaluate films in the OR prior to starting a case.The Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Program offers multiple clinical and
research fellowships. For further information about a specific fellowship, please contact the director's office.

Clinical Fellowships

Speciality Locale Fellows Director(s) Contact Info.
Arthroplasty BWH 3 Richard Scott, M.D. Tom Thornhill, M.D. 617-738-9151
Arthroplasty MGH 3 Young-Min Kwon, M.D. 617-643-7436
Biological Joint Reconstruction BWH 1 Tom Minas, M.D. 617-732-5377
Foot and Ankle BWH 1 Mike Wilson, M.D. 617-732-5360
Foot and Ankle MGH 1 Chris DiGiovanni, M.D. 617-724-9338
Hand BWH 2 Barry Simmons, M.D. 617-732-5378
Hand MGH 2 Chaitanya Mudgal, M.D. 617-726-5100
Pediatrics TCH 2 James Kasser, M.D. 617-355-6617
Shoulder MGH 1 J.P. Warner, M.D. 617-726-7300
Sports MGH 3 Luke Oh, M.D. 617-726-3421
Sports TCH 2 Lyle Micheli, M.D. 617-355-6934
Spine BIDMC 1 Paul Glazer, M.D. 617-667-2225
Spine BWH 1 Greg Brick, M.D. Richard Ozuna, M.D. 617-732-5386
Spine MGH 1 Kirkham Wood, M.D. 617-724-8636
Spine TCH 1 James Kasser, M.D. 617-355-6617
Trauma MGH/
1 Mark Vrahas, M.D.
R. Malcolm Smith, M.D
Tumor MGH 2 Kevin Raskin, M.D. 617-726-8731

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Topic Locale Director(s) Contact Info.
Bioengineering BIDMC Guoan Lee, Ph.D. 617-667-7819
Bioengineering MGH William Harris, M.D. 617-726-3556
Biology MGH Henry Mankin, M.D. 617-726-1073
Biomaterials MGH Arun Shanbhag, Ph.D. 617-724-1923
Molecular Biology BWH Chris Evans, Ph.D. 617-732-8606
Molecular Biology BWH Myron Spector, Ph.D. 617-732-6702
Molecular Biology BWH/
Julie Glowacki, Ph.D. 617-732-5397
Molecular Biology TCH M.Glimcher


BIDMC    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
BWH Brigham and Women’s Hospital
MGH Massachusetts General Hospital
TCH The Children’s Hospital (Boston)

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