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The NEPRC primate colony is at the heart of the Center's research and resource missions.

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Primate Resources

The Division of Primate Resources, responsible for the care of more than 1,700 nonhuman primates, provides researchers throughout the country with the services and facilities to support cutting-edge biomedical research.

The diverse colony of nine species includes more than 1,000 rhesus macaques and other Old World monkeys, as well as New World species including the common marmoset and squirrel monkey. The Center also maintains the largest breeding colony of cotton-top tamarins in the world.

A full-time staff of clinical veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, and nearly 50 animal care professionals is responsible for the welfare of the Center's colonies and provides around-the-clock veterinary care.

The Division of Primate Resources provides essential technical support and consultation for scientists in diverse areas of biomedical research. Visiting researchers rely on the skill and expertise of the Primate Resources staff to perform a wide range of clinical and surgical procedures. The Division also works to preserve and ensure the health of the NEPRC colonies through the study of spontaneous disease.

NEPRC is accredited by the International Association for the Assessment of and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care-- the first facility of its kind to hold this distinction.




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