Formerly known as the Longitudinal Course in Clinical Medicine (LCCM)


2020 Dates Announced:  January 15, 2020-March 5, 2020

Course Description

This eight week course is designed to help students refresh clinical skills after a hiatus. This course may be particularly useful for those students (M.D.-Ph.D. students among others) who are beginning their transition back to full-time clinical clerkships following a protracted period of non-clinical pursuits.  This course is not intended for students who have taken off for a year or less.


Course Location: TBD


There are three aspects to this course:

1. There will be a two-day seminar at the beginning of the course (Jan. 15 & 16) to provide a re-introduction to the clinical history/physical exam as well as discussion of common clinical problems and a subsequent two-day seminar at the conclusion of the course (March 4 & 5) which will provide more interactive case discussions of advanced differential diagnoses.

2. Students will participate in Attending Rounds with a specific Medical Service Team at BWH or MGH three times during the course. These rounds expose the student to inpatient clinical management.  

3. Seven times during the course, students will be assigned a patient from that service to "work-up.”  Each student will then meet individually with his/her clinical preceptor to present, examine and discuss the patient they have evaluated.  Preceptors will be offered at both BWH and MGH.



Based on active participation in all 3 portions of the course.

Course Directors and Primary Contacts

Sahar Nissim, M.D., Ph.D., Course Co-Director


Lindsay Fourman, M.D., Course Co-Director

Sign Up Instructions

1. Please e-mail the MD-PhD Program office at if you are interested in taking this course.
2. Please notify the HMS registrar to receive 1 credit for the course.