MD/PhD 27th Annual Retreat

  Director of the M.D.-Ph.D. Program Dr. Stephen Blacklow (right) presents Keynote Lecturer Dr. David Clapham (left) with the Eva J. Neer Memorial Lecture plaque.

The HMS M.D.-Ph.D. Program held its 27th annual retreat in Waterville Valley, NH from October 17-18, 2009. This years retreat brought together more than 100 students, faculty, alumni and staff for a weekend full of science and socialization. Dr. David Clapham, currently the Aldo R. Castaneda Professor of Cardiovascular Research at Children’s Hospital Boston, Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and a member of the national Academy of the Sciences, delivered the tenth annual Eva J. Neer Memorial Lecture. His talk discussed the role of a sperm-specific ion channel, CatSper, responsible for the hyperactivation of spermatids during their voyage through the uterus – a step necessary for successful fertilization of the oocyte.

"It is crucial to remember that events such as the annual M.D.-Ph.D. retreat play an irreplaceable role in fomenting the intellectual collaboration, emotional support and personal connections necessary to further grow the richly interconnected network of students, faculty and administrators essential to the success of the program…”

--Morgan Hennessey (M.D.-Ph.D. 1st Year Student)

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Student Presenters

Sidharth Puram

Sidharth V. Puram
(Mentor: Azad Bonni, M.D., Ph.D.)

A Unique CaMKllbeta Signaling Pathway at the Centrosome Regulates Dendrite Patterning in the Mammalian Brain


Benjamin Rapoport

Benjamin I. Rapoport
(Mentor: Rahul Sarpeshkar, Ph.D.)

Neural Prosthetics for Paralysis: Algorithms and Low-Power Analog Architectures for Decoding Neural Signals

Jonathan Abraham

Jonathan Abraham
(Mentor: Hyeryun Choe, Ph.D. and Stephen C. Harrison, Ph.D.)

Structural basis for receptor recognition by New World hemorrhagic fever arenaviruses

Amma F. Agyemang

Amma F. Agyemang
(Mentor: Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D.)

A Role for Complement in the Regulation of Autoimmunity


Zirui Song

Zirui Song
(Mentor: Thomas G. McGuire, Ph.D.)

Health Care Reform and the Social Sciences



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