26th Annual Retreat

The HMS MD/PhD Program held their 26th annual retreat in Waterville Valley, NH from October 17-19., 2008. The retreat brought together students, faculty, alumni, and staff for a weekend of science and socialization. Former MD/PhD Program Director and current Chief of Genetics at Children’s Hospital Dr. Christopher A. Walsh gave the Eva Neer Memorial Keynote Lecture, which provided students with motivational insights into his development as a physician-scientist. One of the lecture’s themes was the importance that chance encounters had on Dr. Walsh’s career. He emphasized that “lines only look straight in retrospect,” stating that while his career progression seems logical in retrospect, the path did not seem as straightforward as he was going through it.





Student presenters included Quentin Baca, Yiyin Erin Chen, Christy Comeauz, Ruth Foreman, Sarah Henrickson, Onyinye Iweala, Ryan Lanning, Zachary Morris, Kush Parmar, Scott Potenta, Lakshminarayan Srinivasan.

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