Physical Exam Rounds

Physical Exam Rounds at BWH is an opportunity for MD/PhD students in the PhD phase to maintain clinical skills by discussing and then practicing physical exam skills with Joel Katz, M.D. These rounds are composed of three to four short sessions at BWH, and are combined existing sessions with third-year medicine clerks. The group meets to discuss a focused clinical exam, then proceeds to visit patients on the floor with relevant physical findings, seeing as many patients as possible in a ~1.5 hour session. Students are given simple assignments to prepare for the next session. Each group of MD/PhD students participates in two to four sessions, in synchrony with the Medicine I clerkship rotation cycle at BWH.

The sessions are held at the BWH on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:00-3:00 pm unless otherwise noted. ONE spot is available each session. The session blocks are as follows:

October (Fridays) November (Fridays) December (Fridays)
9/28/18 10/26/18 11/30/18
10/5/18 11/2/18 12/4/18
10/12/18 11/9/18  

Students who sign up commit to a block and must attend all sessions (2-4 sessions in each block.)

Sample Schedule:

2:00 Clinical exam discussion: Observing the Jugular Venous Pressure
2:15 Short student presentations: (1) JVP waveforms, (2) cannon A waves.
Additional topics were: (3) pulsus paradoxus, (4) S3, (5) S4, (6) paradoxical splitting
2:20 Patient exams on the floor: Two patients with unusually apparent JVP waveforms. One patient with abnormal murmurs.
3:00 Summary and Assignments

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Updated: August 30, 2018