MGH/MIT Clinical Offerings

Physical Exam Rounds, Clinical Problem Solving Seminars and Grand Rounds have all recently been expanded to MGH and MIT to better accommodate students at MIT and Harvard’s main campus.,-Marc.jpg

Marc Wein, M.D., Ph.D.
MGH Faculty Organizer

Kathleen Higgis
Student Organizer

Elizabeth Byrne
Student Organizer

Jibril Kedir
Student Organizer
















Physical Exam Rounds at MGH:

Held every Friday afternoon: This is an opportunity for students to participate in weekly physical finding rounds led by a senior MGH medicine resident for 3rd year medical students. Students will meet at 1:00pm and travel around the hospital to see patients with abnormal and instructive findings on physical examination. This is an excellent and flexible opportunity for students to retain clinical skills, and to interact with medicine residents and other PCE students.  Please email the MD-PhD Program office for instructions on how to sign-up.


MD-PhD Grand Rounds at MGH:

This is a new Grand Rounds series initiated by the Harvard Medical School MD-PhD program in conjunction with the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Medicine. Currently, many MD-PhD students are doing their thesis work at MGH, MIT, the Broad Institute, and Harvard University. The goal of this new seminar series is to foster a sense of community for these students, while simultaneously highlighting the many physician/scientists practicing medicine and performing research at MGH for all members of the MD-PhD community.


These sessions will begin with a clinical case presentation by MGH house-staff with concurrent discussion by an expert faculty physician/scientist. This discussion will focus on basic clinical reasoning and open research questions posed by the case. After this case presentation, a student in or beyond his/her PhD years will give a research presentation which will highlight basic science concepts pertinent to the previous case discussion.


December 13, 2018; April 4, 2019


Clinical Problem Solving at MIT/MGH:

To resume in the Fall of 2018.  Seminars will be led by Dr. Thomas Byrne (Professor of Neurology, HMS; Neurologist, Neurology, MGH), and held on Wednesdays every few weeks. These are selected New England Journal of Medicine CPCs which will be discussed by faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Designed to hone students' clinical skills during their research years. We have selected cases that illuminate both clinical problem solving and interesting pathogenesis.


October 25, 2018; January 24, 2019





Updated: November 6, 2018