Physician-Scientist Clinical Preceptor Program

The purpose of this initiative is to provide students with a calendar that contains the inpatient, clinic, and on-call schedules of physician-scientists who maintain a hospital and/or clinic-based practice in Boston.  This is an entirely self-directed process in which the student can choose to contact faculty in a particular area of clinical interest to experience their medical practice when at the student’s convenience.  Our hope is that the student will use this opportunity to vision a diversity of dual clinical-research career paths. This type of MD-PhD faculty role-modeling and mentorship can make an enormous difference in career planning.  How to effectively (and dynamically) combine dual clinical practice and leading edge research careers is uniquely defined by each individual, and remains one of the many challenging (and exciting!) realities we face as we navigate our careers.  “Seeing how it’s done” is the goal of this program.  

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Updated: July 24, 2014