MD-PhD in the Social Sciences at Harvard/MIT


The Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program enthusiastically supports physician scientist training in the social sciences and humanities.  Our students in these fields receive full funding from our NIGMS and NIA Medical Scientist Training Program grants.  More information on our NIA MSTP award can be found here

The majority of our PhD programs participate in a unified application process so that social science applicants need only apply through AMCAS, just like your basic science peers.   You can read more about the application process here.

Social science students comprise 10% of our student body and conduct their graduate training in diverse areas including the Classics, Economics, Health Policy, History of Science, Medical Anthropology, and Population Health Sciences (including Epidemiology and Social and Behavioral Sciences).  Many other PhD areas are available to applicants as well. 

Importantly, the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD program is a fully integrated training community, where basic and social science students train side-by-side, learn from each other’s unique expertise, and also benefit from specialized programming that caters to their specific fields of interest. 

If you have any questions about the Harvard/MIT physician scientist training program in the social sciences, or the application process, please contact Amy Cohen,, 617-432-0724. 


Updated: January 9, 2018