Welcome to the Harvard Digestive Diseases Center (HDDC)

The HDDC is an NIH-funded Center that serves a broad community of scientists conducting basic and translational research relevant to the gastrointestinal tract. The HDDC facilitates multidisciplinary research and collaboration among independent investigators in Harvard-affiliated hospitals, the Harvard Medical School (HMS) and adjacent research institutions in the Harvard Longwood Medical Area and Boston.


Center members’ research addresses the fundamental mechanisms that underlie normal digestive tract function and the pathogenesis of digestive disease, focused on four broad Themes:

  • Epithelial cell, developmental, and stem cell biology of the intestine and liver
  • Innate and adaptive mucosal immunology and host defense
  • Gut infections and the commensal microbiome
  • Hepatic cell physiology and metabolism
HDDC members' basic research contributes to understanding and treatment of digestive diseases such as infectious and inflammatory bowel diseases, intestinal and liver injury and regeneration, and metabolic dysfunction.


The HDDC supports basic and clinical research through Biomedical Cores, Clinical Research Resources , Enrichment Events, and Pilot-Feasibility Grants.


Our Mission

Our overarching mission is to foster better translational and basic science in fields related to digestive tract function and digestive diseases by Connecting People, Creating Opportunity, and Extending Resources