At the annual Harvard Virology Retreat, program students and faculty are invited to share their research.  Student-run, the retreat features a two-day series of talks by students and faculty, a poster session, and a keynote lecture by a speaker selected by the students.  In addition to providing an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to discuss their research, the retreat plays a fundamental role in fostering the sense of community prized by the program.


This year, the Harvard Virology Retreat was held at the Wylie Inn and Conference Center in Beverly, Massachusetts on September 18 -19, 2015: .  The fourth-year Virology students who organize the retreat invited Dr. Charles Rice from The Rockefeller University to serve as keynote speaker.  Dr. Rice gave a talk titled "Hepatitis C and Beyond: Never a Dull Moment."


In 2015, the retreat was sponsored by our kind donors represented below:



Retreat Program

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