Virology Ph.D. Graduates




Hui Jun Sharon Lim, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Yang Shi

Dynamic regulation of histone lysine methylation via the ubiquitin-proteasome system


Meng Kwang Marcus Tan, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Wade Harper

Deciphering the biological functions of F-box proteins through the use of Parallel Adaptor Capture (PAC) proteomics.


Min Jie Alvin Tan, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Peter Howley

Identification of the Cellular Proteins and Pathways Engaged by the
Bovine Papillomavirus Type 1 E6 and E7 Proteins


Po-Jen Will Yen, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Dana Gabuzda

SIV envelope glycoprotein determinants of macrophage tropism and their relationship to neutralization sensitivity and CD4-independent cell-to-cell transmission




Brooke Bollman, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Joseph Sodroski

Role of the Capsid Helix 4-5 Loop in Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Infection


Anna Bruchez, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. James Cunningham

Niemann-Pick C1 is essential for Ebola virus infection and a target of small molecule inhibitors


Margaret Clark, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Priscilla Yang

Exploring Dengue Virus Entry Through Small Molecule Inhibition and Mutagenesis of the Envelope Protein


Megan Orzalli, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. David Knipe

Inhibition of Nuclear DNA Sensing by Herpes Simplex Virus 1




Michael Alpert, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. David Evans

Antibodies in Vaccine Protection against SIV and HIV-1 Infection


Marciela DeGrace, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Nir Hacohen

RNAi screens in primary human lung cells reveal Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome proteins as influenza suppressors


Seungwon Irene Kim, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Harrison

Mechanisms of membrane disruption by viral entry proteins


Philip Kranzusch, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Sean Whelan

Architecture and regulation of the arenavirus polymerase complex


Si-Ying Amy Lee, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Sean Whelan

Ribosome-mediated specificity in vesicular stomatitis virus mRNA translation defines a new role for rpL40 during initiation


Megan Mefford, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Dana Gabuzda

Molecular and Bioinformatic Analysis of Neurotrophic HIV Envelope Glycoproteins


Marco Morelli, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Harrison

The Role of HIV-1 Membrane in Neutralization by gp41 MPER-directed Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies


Joya Mukerji, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Dana Gabuzda

A novel exocyst-based mechanism for HIV NEF-mediated enhancement of intercellular nanotube formation


Shaila Raman, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Peter Howley

Molecular insight into function of the evolutionarily conserved Brd4 extraterminal domain (ET) and mechanism of Brd4 functions in human diseases


Jennifer Spangle, Ph.D.

Advisor: Dr. Karl Munger

Regulation of Growth Factor and Nutrient Sensing Pathways by Human Papillomavirus E6 Proteins


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