Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum includes six integrated courses that provide students with a broad, rigorous exposure to the state of the art in the speech and hearing sciences:


Acoustics of Speech and Hearing
Biology of the Inner Ear
Anatomy of Speech and Hearing
Speech Communication
Neural Coding and Perception of Sound

Clinical Aspects of Speech and Hearing

SHBT 200 / HST.714 [course website]
SHBT 201 / HST.721
SHBT 203 / HST.718
SHBT 204 / HST.710

SHBT 205 / HST.723 [course website]

SHBT 202 / HST.724


These six required courses are normally taken in the first year of study and must be taken by the fourth semester.

Three other subjects are required:


Conduct of Science
Speech and Hearing Laboratory Visits

Conduct of Science Refresher

MedSci 300qc

SHBT 301qc

MedSci 302qc


MedSci 300qc provides second-year students with training in the responsible conduct of research, with a focus on issues in the speech and hearing sciences. SHBT 301qc provides first-year students with broad exposure to research conducted by members of the program faculty. It meets once each week for an hour.

The detailed SHBT degree requirements are available here